Lovely Candle Gifts with Blue Capri!

Lovely Candle Gifts with  Capri Blue and Aspen Bay


blue volcano, capri blue candle, dpm fragrance

If you’re like me, you’ve always loved the Capril Blue candles at Anthropologie. But I didn’t know recently that the company that makes them is a Southern company based out of Starksville, Mississippi. (That made me love them even more!) The recently sent me some candles to review and, of course, I was thrilled to do so! 

Earlier this week I wrote about teacher gifts and, of course, included the Capri Blue line as it is one of my favorites to give to friends and teachers. Their Volcano scent is their best-selling fragrance and so I usually go with that one (although the Aloha Orchid is a good one for summer!). I love these candles because you can light them in the morning and leave them lit all day (if you are home, of course!). They never get too pungent and give off a soft ambiance that we all crave in our homes.

blue volcano, capri blue candle, dpm fragrance
Sometimes I think it’s good to give a non-hoilday scent when giving bigger candles, so the recipient can enjoy for months to come!

When I did a little research into the company, I found that they only use high-quality wax and are one of the few candle manufacturers that still hand-pour their own candles. Even better, their design team is always finding new and unique vessels for their candles. They always want their customers to feel like they can reuse the vessels as a flower vase or a catchall (or pencil holder, perhaps!).

What I didn’t know is that on their website you can buy their best-selling fragrances in several different vessels. Mercury glass or if you don’t like the blue vessel, you can get the candles in a white vessel. I also didn’t know that they have their fragrances in a diffuser! (These are perfect for bathrooms!)

capri blue

Update: Today you can get $5 off all Capri Blue mercury candles on their website.

Another candle line that you may be familiar with that this company hand-pours is the Aspen Bay line. Their holiday candles ($21-$31) in copper and gold tins (top photo) are just beautiful – lovely for friend and teacher gifts. And their fragrances are appealing, too: Frosted Current, Juniper Twig and Nutmeg and Amber.

And how beautiful is this cinnamon beignet pinecone candle for $24.50?


You can purchase the entire line of Blue Capri and Aspen Bay candles on their website.

Thank you to DPM Fragrances for patterning on this post!

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