Barrington Gifts: Fine Leather Gifts for Him

Barrington Gifts: The Finest Leather Gifts for Him



This time of year many of the bigger chain stores will bring out seasonal leather gifts for men. You’ve probably bought one of their mass produced money clips or catchalls for your dad or brother in the past. But, if you’re like me, you were probably disappointed by the quality of the product when it arrived. Well, I have finally found a company that makes beautiful leather goods at still reasonable prices.

Interestingly, I actually came across Barrington Gifts when I started seeing fashion bloggers carry their popular St. Anne’s Tote. But as I looked more into Barrington Gifts, I realized that this family-owned company is actually better known for its fine leather gifts, particularly for men. And this sparked my interest because it is often difficult to find quality men’s gifts.

Barrington Gifts’ products are reasonably priced for such beautiful leather craftsmanship. Like the Corporate Pocket Jotter ($65), for example. This is perfect for men to keep in their briefcase or pocket. (I always tell my husband it isn’t professional to write down notes on scrap pieces of paper or restaurant napkins!). And I like that on the flip side there is place to store business cards. Perfect for quick meetings!


Barrington Gifts is well known for their Original Money Clip ($65) which can be monogrammed or sent with the classic Barrington Gifts logo on it (see below). The money clips come in several different colors and leather types.


I always trust a company that pays attention to detail and makes sure each product is delivered with exceptional quality. Barrington Gifts does this and more with their handsome packaging:


Now I have to show you Barrington Gifts’ popular Captain’s Bag in Florentine Leather ($495). Every man should have a nice travel bag like this!


This is such a beautiful bag in person and would really be a wonderful present for any man. It’s on my “Top Men’s Gift List” and I think it would be a great gift to go in with your siblings for dad. (Or tell your mom to give it to your dad – he would love it, I promise!). The luggage tag can be monogrammed with his initials which makes this even more of a showstopper gift.

All of these are gifts that have enduring quality and can be personalized with a monogram.

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10 thoughts on “Barrington Gifts: The Finest Leather Gifts for Him

    1. Just to make sure, Amy: are you talking about the one in my Instagram picture from last night? That is the black and khaki herringbone. If not, let me know!

  1. Yes! I am trying to decide between that one and the Glen Plaid. Love them both because the color schemes would go with everything!

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