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Learning From Home: Favorite Organizational Supplies

Motherhood and Children

Last week I had fun turning a corner of my office into a little learning area. It made me feel a little less overwhelmed about the year ahead. Whether virtual learning, home schooling or doing our Preschool Enrichment Club at home, I hope these organizational ideas are helpful! 

I’ve made several curbside pickups at The Container Store this past week, trying to get ready for this coming school year. Getting things in order makes me feel a little bit more in control of this out of control year! The Container Store has an entire section on their website learning at home organizational ideas

Acrylic Pencil Organizer
Great for a family learning table or dining room table.
Deeper Organization Bins
Storage for markers, flashcards and other larger items.
White Desk
Under $150 and in stock!
Lazy Susan Storage
So many uses!
3-Tier Rolling Cart
Keep all of your supplies in one place!
Rolling Cart Lid
Fits on the rolling cart!
Rolling Cart Organizers
Helpful for keeping everything neat and tidy!
Magazine Holder
Great for folders and papers!
File Box
For organizing each child's papers!
Tabletop Dry Erase Board
It's magnetic too!
Shallow Organization Bins
Great for arts and craft supplies!
Classroom Map
Similar to ours pictured above!
Paper Tray
Useful for so many things!
Storage Shelf
Under $40!
Reusable Write & Wipe Pocket
Helpful if you plan to homeschool multiple children.
Connecting Storage Bin
Sort supplies for each child.

I originally bought this rolling cart for gift wrapping supplies but ended up using it last year for virtual learning. I love how the covers can hide what’s inside, particularly from little hands trying to grab paper clips!

I love these Art Bin containers from The Container Store because my three year old can’t get into them easily. It took me a minute to figure out which ones I needed but I love how they turned out. And I like that they are portable if you decide to “virtual learn” from somewhere else they are easy to pack in the car.

P.S. All of the preschool supplies are part of a resource list you receive when you sign up for our Preschool Enrichment Club for 2-5 year olds. You can register here!



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