LAFCO: The {Fabulous} Candle that Keeps on Giving!

LAFCO: The {Fabulous!} Candle that Keeps on Giving!


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I’ve had LAFCO candles on my gift guides for a while now, but haven’t spent much time showing you why I love them. Not only are they packaged beautifully and smell divine, but the glass containers in which they come can be reused (and regifted) in a million different ways. Today I am showing you a few fun examples.

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At $60 each, a LAFCO is a what I call a luxury candle; it’s not on the same level as your typical teacher gift/hostess gift type candles. The  acronym actually stands for “Luxury Articles and Fragrance Company”and that’s exactly what it is. Giving one of these candles is like gifting someone an elegant home decor item, but one that every taste would welcome. And with a 90-hour burn time, it’s definitely a candle many treat their own homes, too, as well.


LAFCO has many beautiful room-speciific candles – like Cilantro Orange for the Kitchen and Fresh Cut Gardenia for the Living Room. Their fragrances aren’t bold and obnoxious scents, but light and soothing instead. One of the most popular candles in the Chamomile Lavendar, recommended for the bedroom. And the pink Duchess Peony Powder Room candle is lovely for guest bathrooms.

I love LAFCO’s beach, lake, or ski house candles for gifts during the the summer and winter seasons. One of these also makes a nice hostess/thank you gift if you stay at someone’s vacation home!



A friend recently texted me and said, “Lee, I know you’ve talked about LAFCO candles before on the blog, but you’ve got to tell me how great they are after the candle burns out!” She then texted me a picture of her freezer with the LAFCO candles next to her Haagen-Das ice cream.

freezer, freeze LAFCO candles, LAFCO candles, Hilarious.

Did you know that if you put the used LAFCO candle jars in the freezer overnight, the excess wax easily pops up out with knife the next day? Then the gorgeous hand-blown glass jars are ready to be repurposed in a million different ways!

So I took her text as a little challenge and decided to show y’all some different ways you can use these LAFCO candle jars.

I love to have jars like this on hand to put together inexpensive and easy gifts for thank you gifts. Recently I bought some potted herbs at Trader Joe’s for $1.99 each.


The potted Oregano fit perfectly into the LAFCO glass jar and is now sitting on my kitchen table as a centerpiece. The potted thyme looked so cute tied up with twine in the beach house candle jar and would made a happy little gift for someone!


Next I bought a $3.99 mixed bouquet at Trader Joe’s and arranged like so with some raffia ribbon tied around the Fresh Cut Gardenia candle jar:


Here are four more ideas (clockwise from left): (1) One package of white hydrangeas ($5.99) from Trader Joe’s in the Fresh Cut Gardenia candle jar, (2) A party container for forks, knives, and spoons in the Celery Thyme Dining Room candle jar , (3) A makeup brush holder on a bathroom counter in the Marseilles Fig candle jar, (4) and a jar to hold pencils in the Fresh Cut Gardenia candle jar.

LAFCO COLLAGE, lafco vase, Reuse LAFCO candles, LAFCO candle ideas

Here’s how my friend keeps her silverware on her kitchen counter when she has guests over.

LAFCO candle ideas

I linked most of the candles here to Nordsrom and Saint Bernard because they have free shipping. (Saint Bernard has guaranteed free 3-day shipping over $49 which the LAFCO candles would qualify for!). But you can get more scents like the Black Pomegranate Wine Room candle on LAFCO’s website (although you have to meet $100 minimum to get free shipping). In Dallas, find these candles at Saint Bernard in Inwood Village and the LAFCO store in Highland Park Village.

Here are some fall/winter LAFCO favorites:

If you are looking for a higher price point gift, LAFCO also makes beautiful diffusers ($115) in all the same scents as well:



See more fabulous gift ideas for her here.


Let me know how you use or give these beautiful candles!






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