How to Save During Kroger's Baby Event Promotion!

How to Save During Kroger’s Baby Event Promotion!

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Kroger BabyFun fact about me: I used to be an intense coupon clipper. It was a little hobby and I would get such a kick out of getting, say, 10 tubes of toothpaste for $1.00. But that was back when I had way more time on my hands. Now I have to satisfy my craving for a good deal by shopping sales and promotions. Today I am excited to partner with Kroger to tell you about an {easy} special offer on baby products that will save you big time.

The Baby Event at Kroger is a two week promotion starting January 10th. Spend $40 on participating baby items and save $10 on your next Baby Aisle purchase, which is awesome because Kroger has all the baby essentials that families needs.

kroger baby aisle

It’s the perfect time to buy baby essentials that you are going to buy anyway. For example, Huggies Snug and Dry diapers are included in this promotion.

huggies snug and dry

(Side note: I cannot believe Louise is wearing size 2 diapers!)

Beechnut Puffs are also included in Kroger’s Baby Event. At her last appointment, Louise’s doctor said I could start introducing foods, which my older girls are SO excited about. And I just love watching babies chubby fingers pinch those puffs – such a fun stage! 

beechnut puffs

I “plan” to make Louise’s baby food, but for those on the go days those Happy Baby pouches will come in handy. These are included in the promotion as well. 

If you you are doing a much needed pantry clean out in the new year, don’t forget to restock expired products that you will need for this the cold and flu season. There is nothing worse than having to make a midnight run to get Pedialyte when your baby is sick! Pedialyte is also included in this Baby Aisle promotion.

Some other popular baby items included in the promotion: 

  • Gerber Cereal
  • Johnson Head-to-Toe Shampoo
  • Enfamil Gentlease
  • Dove Baby Lotion

All participating items will be marked with a special shelf tag. You can also view your local circular by typing in your zip code on Kroger’s website.  Or just bookmark this post for easy viewing when you shop! 

The $10 off coupon will be printed at checkout to use on your next baby purchase during this two-week promotion.


And for all your coupon clippers: you can still use your normal coupons to qualify for this deal, you just need to reach the $40 minimum after all coupons are used. (P.S. I think you can be super strategic with this deal!)

Thanks so much to Kroger for sponsoring this post! 

Happy Shopping!





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  1. Since you are making your own babyfood. See if Sage Spoonfuls will partner with you . It is a great easy way to make your own baby food and super easy with there processor and cookbook and the storage jars are awesome as well. It worked for us.