Jessie Baughman Images is Coming to Dallas!

Jessie Baughman Images is Coming to Dallas!

jessie baughman images
A few months ago I shared a photo session on Instastories with South Carolina-based Jessie Baughman Images. I received so many inquiries about it that I asked Jessie if DoSayGive readers could have first access to her Dallas sessions in September. And she graciously agreed! These sessions will go super fast so if you want to snag one click here. It would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to yourself or think ahead for Christmas!

jessie baughman images

I also did a quick Q&A with Jessie so you can learn more about her unique style of photography.

Q: How did you get started in this style of photography?


A: I am a wife and mom of two little girls from Columbia, SC. A former Pre-school Special Education teacher, I left the field shortly after my oldest was born. I loved working with young children, and found myself missing the classroom. This was when my interest in photography grew. I practically had a camera glued to my hands that first year of motherhood, but always found myself taking headshots of my little one. I have always been drawn to studio photography, and with the exception of a few high school photography classes and self-study courses, I am primarily self taught.

Q: Can you tell me about this style of photography and how it is unique?


A: I was drawn to so many aspects of these portraits: The catchlights in the child’s eyes, the contrast and shadows on little features of the face, and how the black and white seems to capture childhood moments and expressions with so much authenticity.  When I cull through images after a session, I try not to always pull the “standard” smiling, head on shots. I really am drawn toward the expressions and images that we can’t tell a child to show us: Belly laughs, a shy expression, the look of curiosity and wonder. It is all there for me to document, and I think my ability to recognize these tiny microseconds, is my greatest strength as a photographer. These are the moments I want to remember as a mother.

Q: Why do these make special gifts?


A: These are such special heirloom photographs!  Many of these images will be displayed in homes for decades to come, and it makes me feel so humbled that I get to be a part of that.

Q: You are a well-known South Carolina photographer. How did you start doing these Dallas sessions?

A: After a few Texas based children’s clothing companies shared my images, I had such demand to shoot in the Dallas area, and doors just seemed to open for my travels. A very sweet follower (and now friend) invited me to use her home to host sessions in Dallas. Our first shoot booked in less than fifteen minutes, and our second booked in less than ten. I have been so blown away by the excitement and hospitality of my Texas clients. I have had several clients that have so genuinely and sometimes tearfully, thanked me for traveling to Texas to share my gifts and document these little moments for them.

I can say from experience that Jessie is wonderful with children and captures them in ways you will cherish forever! Sessions are quick and easy and she gives you tips before arrival on how to best prepare for the session.
If you would like to book a session for Dallas click here.
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Click HERE to join her mailing list for updates on Dallas, TX bookings.

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