Exquisite Gift Inspiration: Jenn Thatcher Art

Exquisite Gift Inspiration: Jenn Thatcher Art


I am thrilled to finally talk about the painting I get so many questions about! I’m partnering with Jenn Thatcher Art today to give you some exquisite gift ideas plus I’m sharing the sources for my budget-friendly office accessories.

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jenn thatcher

Jenn Thatcher is a well-known Dallas artist whose work you have probably seen on your Instagram feed before. About half of her work is custom, but the other half is sold online and in retail outlets around the country. A painting of hers is something you might want to ask for this year! (Hint, hint!) Or y’all will love her smaller pieces for gifts for your mom, sister, and friends. Her framed art is one of my top picks in DoSayGive’s Gift Guide for Her. And looks so pretty on a side table, bookshelf, or on top of a stack of books.

Jenn Thatcher Art

I often get asked about the painting behind me when I do Facebook Live sessions and it is Jenn Thatcher! I recently rearranged and accessorized my office (on a budget!) but who can tell that many items are from Ikea and Target when I have a statement piece like that abstract painting. It truly makes the room.

Photos: Beckley Co.

jenn thatcher art

Jenn’s abstract painting makes me so happy when I see it. All art should be that way, don’t you think? When it comes to art, buy what you love. What’s going to draw you in and make you feel something (hopefully positive!).

This next photo is from my old house but I wanted y’all to see how you can style her framed art. I know any of my friends would love to receive something like this to add a little interest to their bookshelves.

And don’t miss her popular Longhorn print in an acrylic frame. This is a GREAT gift for anyone who loves Texas – and has good taste!

Definitely file this one away for graduation presents, too.

I’ve linked all my desk and office products below. I’ve had the desk, chair, and shelves for 8+ years but I recently purchased some new accessories to jazz things up a bit (and repurposed my children’s old Ikea toy shelves into chic office shelves!).

Thank you so much to Jenn Thatcher Art for sponsoring this post. It was a joy to write about your work!

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Velvet Ribbon // Gold Wrapping Paper

Bookshelves/Desk (with glass top) from Ikea  // Chinoiserie Vase //

Brass Desk Lamp (on sale!) // Hammered Letter Divider // Tape dispenser (similar) // Baskets

Pink rug + small reindeer (Wisteria Store in Inwood Village, Dallas)

White vases are old from Pottery Barn (similar here) // White decorative reindeer (old from Pottery Barn but similar here and here) // Brass frame from Pottery Barn (similar here)

Slipcover Chair


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