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Introducing… Social Success Academy for Tweens and Teens!


We are thrilled to announce that registration is open for our social skills courses for boys and girls ages 11-15!  For the first time ever we are offering our boys class and girls class at the same time and under a new name: Social Skills Academy! For the first 48 hours get 10% off both courses with code LAUNCH!

Introducing… Social Skills Academy Academy for Tweens and Teens

As parents, we all want to see our children thrive in school, friendships and beyond. However, it today’s digital age many teens are finding it increasingly challenging to develop meaningful friendships and navigate social situations effectively. So we are excited to release our social sills and manners courses idea for ages 11-15. Our Social Success Academy for Girls and Social Success Academy for Boys are designed to equip your child with the essential social skills needed to succeed in school, friendships and beyond! And for the next 48 hours use code LAUNCH for 10% off! 

Here’s what they’ll learn…

🚀 Confidence Building Skills:

Our courses are meticulously crafted to boost your tween and teen’s confidence, helping them tackle any situation with ease and solid communication skills.

🤝 Friendship Building Techniques:

Forming meaningful connections is a breeze when your child masters essential social skills. They’ll learn how to initiate conversations, listen actively, and express oneself confidently in social settings. These skills are crucial for making a positive impression and building rapport and dealing with peer pressure. From the classroom to the weekend, they’ll be better equipped to make friends and nurture lasting relationships.

📚 Help for Academic Success:

Strong interpersonal skills are the cornerstone of academic achievement. Our e-courses teach your teen how to communicate effectively, collaborate with peers, and foster positive relationships with teachers and classmates.

Beyond the textbooks, our courses impart invaluable life skills crucial for adulthood. From traditional table manners to cell phone etiquette, we’re here to prepare your teen for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. They’ll also how to strike a healthy balance between online and offline interactions to foster authentic connections in today’s digital age.

Together, we can empower our teens to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically, setting them up for a brighter future filled with meaningful relationships and fulfilling experiences.

What Makes Our Courses Stand Out?

Unlimited Access: Enjoy unlimited access to our courses, ensuring all your children can benefit from our transformative lessons. 

Quick and Painless (and Actually Fun!): They can watch on a computer, a phone or just listen with earbuds!

Exclusive Discount: For the first 48 hours, we’re offering a special 10% discount to early birds who seize this opportunity to invest in their teen’s growth. Use code LAUNCH

Don’t miss out on this chance to empower your teen to thrive socially, academically, and beyond. Together, let’s pave the way for their success in all areas of life. 

Social Success Academy for Girls

Social Success Academy for Boys

Note: Limited-time offer valid for the first 48 hours of launch. Unlimited access applicable to all enrolled children within the same household.


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