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Introducing DoSayGive’s School of Kindness: A Back to School Series!


Back to School Backpack

We’re so excited to launch a new series ahead of the new school year — one that we’ve gotten so many requests for, and that we think will be helpful as you talk to your children about what kindness looks like in the classroom, lunchroom, on the playground, and beyond. So without further ado, introducing:


We want our children to grow up to be kind, inclusive leaders, ones who are empathetic and considerate of others. Right? In this new series, we provide conversation topics, discussion ideas, encouragement, and the tools children need to be considerate and kind. So often, children don’t realize they are being mean because they weren’t taught what it looks like to be kind. Children don’t automatically know how to be kind or empathetic, and it’s our responsibility as parents to teach them — with conversations and modeling through our own behavior. There are so many times children want to do or say the right thing, but they don’t have the words so they don’t speak up. As parents we need to give those words to them!

This is exactly what our new series will do. Give you the tools to teach them — little conversation starters to talk about in the car or at the dinner table, sayings they can remember for certain situations, encouragement for when they need it most. We’ll give all that to you and so much more!


  • Ways to be genuinely kind to friends, classmates, and peers
  • Inclusivity, how to include others and “widen the circle”
  • Respect for teachers, admins, coaches, and peers
  • Empathy and noticing when others may need a friend
  • Ways to stand up when someone is being bullied
  • How to be considerate of others both in and out of the classroom

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Remember: Kindness starts at home and it starts when they’re young. We’re here to help you! 

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