India Hicks - Bringing the Extraordinary to Everyday

India Hicks – Bringing the Extraordinary to Everyday



I love sharing new gift ideas with my readers, but today I’m sharing something a bit more. Not only a beautiful gift and accessories line, but an opportunity for women to represent this line to their friends and family (and make a little income on the side!).

India Hicks is a British expatriate who lives in the Bahamas with her gorgeous family. A former Ralph Lauren model with experience designing beauty and bath products, India has recently launched her own collection of gifts, fragrances, and accessories designed to be sold by entrepreneurial women who want to have the flexibility to work form home. (Think Beauty Counter, but gifts!).


I recently learned about the company when a sweet reader emailed me about it. Hayley is a new Style Ambassador who eagerly joined after buying all her teacher gifts at an India Hicks party her friend hosted.

So, at her invitation, I stopped by her house to take a closer look.


Photo: India Hicks

After seeing and feeling the items, I can tell you that this truly is a beautiful, thoughtful (more on that in a minute) and well-made line.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the items in some “home shows” can sometimes be junky or you toss them out after a season. This is not the case with India Hicks.

The leather used in the clutches is supple and feels so good to hold in your hands. The scarves have the essence of luxury as they run against your skin. The canvas on the Mayfair Tote is sturdy (and the tassels add a fun touch!) and the fragrances are just lovely.

If you’ve been reading DoSayGive, you know I love memory-inducing and heirloom-type gifts. India designed her Love Tokens as a tribute to her mother, who had similar tokens on her 1920s charm necklace, the clinging of which India still remembers as her mother walked down the hallway to put her to bed at night.

Photo: India Hicks

In Great Britain, it has been a tradition for centuries to give friends engraved coins (don’t you just love that?). Worn on a chain of your own or hers, India’s gold-plated or sterling silver tokens have engraved on them sayings such as, “Remember Me When You See This” and “The World is Your Oyster.” Some have cute phrases like “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” and “Mamacita” (cute for new moms!).

I put one that says “Honor Bound” on a vintage chain and layered it with some necklaces I already had. IwZEiRtZFbv8LFldcr6tJPO5QJxyg7ObvFOix6_fuEU

If you love the line like I do, you can shop on their website or  through an Ambassador like Hayley.

If you are interested in learning more about being an Ambassador, from what I learned, it seems to be very similar to other home-based enterprises where you buy a party kit (several price options) and host (or have your friends host!) parties where people can come see the gifts in person or they can choose to view and shop online.

If you are in Dallas, the India Hicks team will be here on Thursday, June 25th at 7 pm at the Hilton Dallas – Park Cities to talk more about the company and how you can get involved. You can register for the event here.

As you can see, I love getting readers’ ideas for post ideas. If you have a product or line you’d like me to review, or just a post idea, please contact me at

Happy Giving!





Thank you to Hayley Mizra, Style Ambassador, for letting me try out these beautiful products. I was not compensated for this post.




Chambray Dress ($128 and also comes in petite) // Studded Shoes ($89) // Mayfair Tote ($198) // Siren Scarf ($58)// India Hicks  “Honor Bound” Love Token ($45) // Crystal Drop Necklace on Vintage Chain // Photos: Megan Weaver





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