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How to Find a Homecoming Dress (& A Few of Our Favorites!)


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Homecoming is a rite of passage in high school — the football game, the dance, the alums coming back to visit their alma mater. And, if you live in Texas, the mums! Homecoming weekend typically happens mid-fall, so it can easily sneak up on you with all of the focus on getting back to school and settling into a routine. And one of the best parts of homecoming, especially if you have a daughter? Finding a homecoming dress!

Moms, don’t worry. This does not have to be stressful because we have done the work for you. We know that teenage feelings (and, yes, teenage drama) can come into play when shopping for a homecoming dress that’s both mom- and daughter-approved. So today we’re sharing six tips for buying and finding a homecoming dress that you both approve of, a list of brands that have such cute dresses, and a few DoSayGive finds! 

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Tips for Buying Dresses Both Mom and Daughter Approve Of:



1. Be patient!

Start early and give yourselves plenty of time!It takes a lot of trying on to find the right dress. Consider ordering several dresses and doing a dressing room try-on at home, then send back what doesn’t work. Many retailers offer free shipping and returns which makes this easier. 

2. Measure!

Measure your daughter’s height, bust, etc. and look at the measurements online and use that as a guide as you look online. Some retailers like Revolve will give sizing details like the length from shoulder seam to hem which is helpful. will give the model’s height and normal size so you can use that as a guide as well. Tip: Sometimes the dresses seem too short online but the models are really tall, so just keep that in mind as you shop! 

3. Alter!

Get creative, moms. Order a long dress and have it cut off. Order a bigger size and have it taken in. Sometimes that’s necessary to get the appropriate length or coverage. Also, take the dress to the tailor in plenty of time for the dance to make sure the alterations are correct. Sometimes you need to send back a second time. 

4. Teach!

Use this is a teaching opportunity to show your daughter how to find things that flatter her body type. Just because something looks good on a friend (or a model) doesn’t mean it’s right for her. Show and teach her that you can be stylish but still dress in an age-appropriate manner. In the process, find the brands that fit her well that you can come back to again and again.

5. Borrow!

Well-fitting dresses are often from the more expensive brands. But instead of splurging for every dance think about borrowing! The styles haven’t changed too much in recent years, so ask friends and family with older daughters if they have a dress that might work for your daughter.Or look in your local Facebook group. And be sure to offer your daughter’s dresses in future years!

6. Practice!

Girls don’t want to worry all night if their is strap is going to fall or down or their dress is going to rip because it’s too tight. So when trying on dresses have her practice walking, sitting and standing in the dress (with heels!).  Once you decide on the dress, practice getting in and out of a car properly, too, so that undergarments are not exposed. That means slowly sitting down in the car with legs facing out to the sidewalk, and swinging legs with knees together into the car. It takes a bit of practice (and ab muscles) to do it gracefully!

Be sure to see our full list of dress brands at the bottom of the post but to help you get started here are some 2023 homecoming dresses we love!

Homecoming Dresses 2023

Classic Homecoming Dresses

Classic and sweet!
Under $80!
Comes in pink, too!
If she's looking for red!

Colorful Homecoming Dresses

Such a pretty halter dress!
Comes in 3 pretty colors.
A ruffle on the bottom helps add length!
A fun pop of color!

One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses

For the girl who loves sequins - under $80!
Great price on this Dillard's find.
Such a unique color!
A popular style right now.

Black Homecoming Dresses

Off the shoulder and under $100
Asymmetrical and fun!
Statement black dress!

Long Homecoming Dresses

One shoulder elegance!
Love this green but comes in other colors!
Six colors available in this dress!
Eight colors in this dress!

Floral Homecoming Dresses

Sashes are in!
Loveshack Fancy!
Also comes in a pretty navy!
Love a floral!

Unique Homecoming Dresses

Another great brand to check out!
Pretty pink!
Two piece is unique!
Such a pretty style!


More Sources for Homecoming Dresses

And while finding “the” dress might take center stage, don’t forget to talk with your teen about Homecoming Etiquette (boys, too!).  

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  1. Love this post! Will refer back to it next year when I have a freshman girl. Such cute, and appropriate dresses!