What to Do: All About Holiday Tipping

What to Do: Holiday Tipping


One of the most frequent questions I get during the holidays is how much to give the people that help us all year round. So here’s a handy graphic to help you. (Please pin it for future reference!). And keep reading for a Q & A about this subject

Q: Do I have to give that much?

A: These are suggested amounts for monetary gifts dictated by what’s traditionally expected/given. Note: the amounts say “up to.” Give what you can, but remember tis the season of giving. And there’s no better way to tell the people that help us all year round we appreciate them than an nice tip:).

Q: But I really like to give my housekeeper/stylist/nail tecnician a gift. Is that okay? 

Yes! Of course. I usually give my housekeeper a small gift (maybe whatever I am giving to my neighbors to make it easy) in addition to a tip. Think of this as a holiday bonus. If you want to give her a week’s pay for a tip, you can always subtract the cost of the gift from that.

Q: Should I give cash? 

A. It’s preferred, but not necessary. Also, remember to write a note of thanks with each money gift.

Q: I don’t have a consistent mail carrier. What should I do? 

A: If you don’t have a regular mail/UPS carrier then perhaps set up a box of goodies for whoever happens upon your door that day or week with a note that says, “Merry Christmas! Please take one of these holiday goodies from our family.”

Q: Do I really need to give my trash guys a tip? What if I miss them? 

A: Again these are suggested amounts if you want to give a monetary gift. I have a friend who buys 6-packs of festive seasonal beer at World Market for her trash collectors and leave them on top of the trash cans with a note of thanks. I am sure that is much appreciated, too!

Q: What about gift cards? 

A. Gift cards are great! But if you don’t know the person that well get a card from a big brand store like Target, Walmart, or grocery store close to their home.

Ask any more tipping etiquette questions below and I’ll answer them. And please share or pin this post (link below to bottom right) to help others this holiday season.



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