DoSayGive's Holiday Tipping Guidelines

Holiday Tipping Guidelines



One of the truest signs of grace and refinement is how you treat those that work for and around you. Christmas is the traditional time to do year-end thanking to our housekeepers, nail technicians, hair stylists and more, but sometimes we don’t know what’s appropriate or enough. So I’ve put together a little guide that will help you remember all those who help you throughout the year.

This post contains suggested amounts adapted from Emily Post to help get you started. A good rule of thumb is to give an amount equal to one week’s pay or one visit:

Housekeepers/Nannys/Caregivers – Up to one week’s pay plus small gift.

Nail Technicians, Stylists, Dog Walkers, Trainers, Groomers – Up to cost of one visit.

Day Care Workers – $25-75 to each person that works with your child.

Yard, Trash, Handyman, and Garage Attendants – $10-20 per person.

Mail Carrier – Food or Non-Cash Gifts.

UPS/FedEx – Small Gift (UPS requires it be under $20).

Nursing Home Worker – Cash is usually prohibited so small gift.

Country Club Staff/Doorman  – $50-100 for someone you see regularly.

Kids Coaches/Therapists/Instructors – Small Gift. (See this guide).

For the people that I know well, in addition to giving a check sometimes I also like to give a small gift. Something to make the gesture more thoughtful and sincere. Maybe it’s beautiful soaps, lotion, or a candle from Anthropologie. Or perhaps it’s a little something from a store I know they love.  Or maybe I’ll buy them something I know they might not buy for themselves but would really enjoy.

And although checks and gifts are certainly appreciated, I always think it kind to write a nice note, or even just say a few words of gratitude, to present with your gift, particularly to those who are very close to your family. We all know the satisfaction that comes with being praised or appreciated and by bosses and we should do the same for those that work hard to help us with our homes and/or our children.

So as you buy wonderful gifts for your family and friends this holiday season, be sure to extend the same giving heart to those who help you throughout the year. Maybe even tip your waiter a little bit more this season or do something a little extra to spread the Christmas spirit!

Little gift ideas:


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