Holiday Party Ready with Nordstrom!

Holiday Party Ready With Nordstrom!


gold sequin dress

The holiday party season is upon us so I’ve partnered up with Nordstrom to bring you 20 gorgeous party dresses, plus the three tips for being a gracious party guest!

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Around the holidays I like to dress the part of the festive and season. This classic sequined dress from Nordstrom can be worn to Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and the cut is timelessly elegant so it will surely be worn in future years.

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This party dress is perfect paired with dressy neutral heels you already have in your closet (more linked at the bottom of this post). Need it this weekend? Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns so it’s no big deal to order two sizes in dresses you like and send back what doesn’t work.

gold sequined dress

If you need a dress for an event this weekend, order online and choose the “pick up in store” option. Nordstrom will email you when it’s ready for pickup and even bring to your car if needed (great if you don’t want to get your little out of the car!).

And, honestly, the two-day shipping option at Nordstrom is usually $15 so not too bad if you just don’t have time to beat the streets looking for a dress. Here are some more beautiful dresses from Nordstrom in several price points:

As you attend holiday parties over the next few weeks, whether casual or formal or somewhere in between, keep these gracious tips in the back of your head:

  1. Always make a point to speak with the hosts. They might not know if you snuck out after 30 minutes, but they will remember that you spent 10 minutes chatting and thanking them for inviting you to “such a lovely party.”
  2. Make introductions. Avoid awkwardness and make introductions among those standing nearby. “John, do you know Jane? She just moved back from New York.” (Also a smooth way to exit a confining party circle!). And if you can’t remember the lady’s name who works in HR, say something to the effect of, “Have you met my husband, Justin?” And then let your husband take it from there.
  3. Fake it util you make it. I think more people are party shy than not. Actually, I am quite shy! But at a young age my gracious Southern mother and grandmother encouraged me to put on a smile, hold my shoulders back with confidence, and conjure up compliments like, “Tell me where you got that fabulous dress!” to help to break the ice. You can do it, too, I promise!


As for hostess gifts, if the party is at someone’s home always bring a little something along with you. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine (which looks so festive in this furry wine bag!). Here are some other easy and fun hostess gifts from Nordstrom:



Thank you so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.



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