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My path thus far…


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This little project has been tugging at my heart for years. I finally realized that the meandering path my life has taken was actually quite on purpose…

I’ve been a newspaper reporter and a wedding planner.

I’ve worked in the wine industry and for an elegant hotel in San Francisco.

I’ve had my own business and even a blog on suffering.

I studied European history and my senior thesis looked at the changing etiquette of the 20th century. (For real!)

I am a product of the South where I was taught to be gracious. Always.

My love language is gift-giving.

I married quite young and have three little girls.

What I once thought was a disjointed path in life was, in fact, not random at all.

All have led up to this little project.

A project of refinement for my generation and the next. . .

What do you think?
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4 thoughts on “My path thus far…

  1. Hi, Lee! I just saw this blog! How neat! You look gorgeous and such a beautiful family! I will be praying for sweet ML. I saw your post today on facebook. Many blessings to you all! Blessings, Paige Huffaker (maiden name is Kinslow) – Go Bruins!