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To be honest, I have always been very hesitant to try any facial products other than what my dermatologist recommended, because my skin is so…shall we say…finicky. So when a sweet reader from Tennessee named Ashley sent me several Beauty County samples, I was a tad skeptical.

But I set out to try them for two weeks, day and night, to give you an honest, unbiased take on them. So if you have been thinking of trying out some of Beauty Counter’s products, I am going to tell you what I have LOVED so far and maybe this post will help sort out what are the best products to spend your money on!

If you aren’t familiar with the very successful brand, Beauty Counter was started by a mom who began questioning what ingredients were in the sunscreens and lotions that she was lathering all over her children. What she discovered is that only 10% off chemicals found in products have safety data to back them up and that the U.S. has not passed a law regulating personal care products since 1938

Now, I am not a pushy heath care fanatic, nor I am going to use scare tactics to tell you how bad the products are in your bathroom currently, But I do think it is pretty awesome that Beauty Counter has created a product line that’s both rigorously tested and beauty editor approved. That’s hard to do!

However, the question that has been floating around my mind lately has been: Are Beauty Counter products effective? I mean, can you really create a product that does what it says without using the chemicals that companies have been using for decades? Well, I sought to find out.

For the first week I used products from Beauty Counter’s Essentials Face Collection.

The good news is that they didn’t irriate or cause me to break out (yay!) as most products seem to do. They smelled fresh, but not too scenty, which I appreciate. I think the products in this collection would be perfect for teens and twenty-somethings, or an anyone with just super sensitive skin.

It’s nice that the products can be bought individually or as a set. The Routine Cream Cleanser is a great everyday face wash (and one of their best sellers!) and a reasonable price at $24. And, yes, twenty-somethings, start using eye cream now; you won’t regret it! Their Anytime Eye Cream is a good one and not too pricey at $32. Click on picture for more detail of products in this line:



During my second week of Beauty Counter, I dove into the Countertime Collection. Since I am in my thirties, I feel like this collection is more along the lines of what I am needing and wanting in the way of facial products.


And, this is very exciting: after a week’s use, not only has my face not broken out (yay!) but it feels almost, shall I dare say it, more radiant? And smooth. I seriously have loved every single product in this line!

If you can swing it, I would say it’s worth it to get the entire Countertime set ($295). But if that’s not in your budget, and you just want to try one or two products, I would say use the cleanser you already have and splurge on one of these two products (or both!). They are stand out, in my opinion:

1. The Nourishing Cleansing Balm ($75)


Umm, this stuff is amazing. I have heard of celebrities and beauty editors liking it, and now I see why. It’s just like a “balm” is supposed to be. You can use a pea size amount and rub it over your face to remove makeup at the end of the day, but the Nourishing Cleansing Balm leaves your skin moisturized as you easily wipe it off. Hard to explain, but trust me, it’s amazing. And if you have super dry skin, this can also double as an all-night moisturizing mask. It smells and feels like you are the spa!

2. Radiance Firming Complex ($50) 


I suspect that this is the product that is making my face feel seem like it might have a little glow. Must be all those fruit acids and ginger extracts! And maybe I am crazy but my skin does feel firmer. And I love that you can use the Radiance Firming Complex day or night under your moisturizer. Yes, it’s one more step, but who cares if it makes you radiant!

And there are a few more products I want to try and share with you after reading lots of good reviews and magazine write-ups lately.

1. The Lustro Face Oil 3


Face oil for acne? Sounds crazy, but there was an article in Teen Vogue about it recently and they say it’s true with this Lustro Face Oil 3.

UPDATE: I have tried this as well and it definitely does NOT make me break out and feels good to put on after my normal face care regimen at night.  

2. Kids’ Shampoo/Conditioner/BodyWash and Sunscreen

A few here so scroll through the slideshow. If you have children, you’ll want to know about these products.


Okay, I hope that wasn’t too much information! It was really fun for me to do a product review for you. If you have any ideas for posts or reviews, please let me know. If it fits into my editorial content and schedule, I just might!

If you are interested in learning more about Beauty Counter products, you can contact any consultant for more personalized recommendations. If you don’t know any consultants, Ashley’s information is below. I can’t thank her enough for sending me all the fun samples!

Happy Friday!




Products c/o Beauty Counter consultant Ashley Carter. Contact her at or visit her site at

¹Beauty Counter research data. 

Teen Vogue article.

Photos: Beauty Counter


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3 thoughts on “Friday Focus: BEAUTYCOUNTER!

  1. Hi there !
    My name is Brooke and I started using BeautyCounter’s Routine Clean, Exfoliator, Everyday Moisturizer, Number 3 Oil, Tinted Moisturizer, and Foundation by recommendation from my consultant. After immediate use I started to develop tiny white bumps covering my entire face. I spoke with my consultant who suggested it was my skin “detoxifying” and just to give it time. We followed up regularly and the condition only slowly worsened. She checked my hair products and other makeup products suggesting some outside chemical was the bad actor.
    Fast forward two months later and I come completely COVERED in HUGE, RED bumps. MY ENTIRE FACE. Apparently I was allergic to the products, and then developed a SEVERE bacteria infection from it. I have never EVER had more than maybe 5 pimples on my face at a time? I am now completely covered in them, and I wake up to at least 5 new ones per day. My consultant realized her mistake – TWO MONTHS TWO LATE – and booked me an appointment for a dermatologist.
    That was one month ago. I am on an oral antibiotic, prednisone (a steroid), and using a facial antibiotic to try to clear up this ridiculous horrific looking infection.
    BeautyCounter has reimbursed me for all of my orders… but really they should be paying my medical bills at this point. I am telling you – the products RUINED my skin and is taking now over a month for me heal !! I can’t leave the house. And I have NEVER had an issue like this before.

    STAY FAR, FAR away from these products if you have sensitive skin.

    1. Brooke! Oh that’s awful! I am so sorry! I have never heard of this before. Did they figure out what product exactly was causing this? I do have very sensitive skin and had no problem with the Countertime line or makeup. I do hope that it is getting better and glad that Beautycounter refunded you…thank you so much for commenting and sharing this.