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Friday Faves | 03.24.2017


children's watercolor portrait

I’m starting a new series to share all the tidbits and fun finds I didn’t fit into blog posts this week, plus a few random DoSayGive thoughts. Let me know what you think! (And I know the title “Friday Faves” is generic, but I my pregnancy brain is at a loss for what what to call it – so let me know if you have a fun suggestion!).

#1 Favorite Find…This nightgown is amazing. So much so that I bought two! Some of the feedback I got from my “Be Lovely At Night” blog post was that a lot of the chemises out there are super short and have no support in the bust area. This nightgown is totally appropriate to wear in front of children, is soft and comfortable, has removable padding, and your husband will like it, too;). There’s enough room for pregnant mamas and, oh yeah, it’s on sale! The pale blue is my favorite:


#2 Helpful Article I Saved…Read this wedding guest etiquette post on before wedding season begins. It’s a great companion to the one on wedding gift etiquette I wrote last year.

#3 The Thing I’ve Been Meaning To Share With Y’all…I have been procrastinating framing this painting from Kitty Dudics (because I am indecisive!) but y’all every time I walk by I start tearing up. I’ve always wanted my daughter’s portrait painted and was immediately drawn to Kitty’s style. I need to add her to my children’s portrait artist post and you may want to drop a hint for a gift certificate for Mother’s Day!

#4 I Can’t Stop Craving…Egg salad sandwiches. Every day this week. And I am not usually a huge fan of egg salad! Shortstop in Snider Plaza is my go-t0 but I also like Empire Baking Co. Send me your favorite egg salad recipe or, Dallas friends, tell me your favorite place for egg salad because I obviously can’t get enough;).

#5 Gift I Gave This Week…For a little thank you gift I gave my friend a bottle of rosé and this popular blush-colored candle from Anthro. Always check the sale table at Anthro for candles and other little gifts and keep in your gift closet (or drawer!).

#6 Useful Advice I heard This Week…My daughters’ school offers encouraging seminars for moms and this week they had Dottie Jones speak. I am probably misquoting her but essentially she said busy moms tend to put the exterior things (activities outside the home) on our calendars first: the birthday parties, church events, baseball practices, school volunteer jobs, etc. When we do, we find ourselves not having time for the interior things (things we want to accomplish inside the home): family dinners, time for homework, time for reading aloud to our children at night, unplanned Saturday afternoons to hang out. She said we need to plan time for the important “interior” things and then see if we have time for all the extra “exterior” things. Totally needed to hear that.

#7 What I’d Buy If I Wasn’t Pregnant….This dress (on sale!) and this dress. Both fabulous (and blue, I realize!).

#8 You Might Want to Watch…Beauty & the Beast – even if you don’t have children. It’s really good! Also, Big Little Lies is NOT for children and heavy on the s-e-x, but it is really good. I mean with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, how can it not be?

#9 Favorite Weekend Sales…20% off women’s pajamas at Target including the nightgowns above! (Use code SLEEP20.) Also don’t miss the Nordstrom beauty gifts with purchase deals! The La Mer and Jo Malone gifts with purchase are two of my favorites (note: the latter is online only!).

#10 Don’t miss…Update! My Facebook Live session TODAY with The Birds and The Bees went great! You can re-watch here. We talked about “what to say” to your children about the birds and the bees. Grab your coffee and tune into DoSayGive’s Facebook page to watch and you can type in questions for me to ask (and answer!).

Happy Weekend!





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6 thoughts on “Friday Faves | 03.24.2017

  1. I actually went and bought the nightgown you highlight in this post after your post about sleepwear. I had asked about nightgowns that for larger chests and I am in love with this nightgown. It is also great for nursing moms! ?

    1. I had you in mind when I found it at Target – I love them so much and hope they keep them in stock, maybe with some other colors.

    1. Thank you! Okay this is probably why I am craving. I don’t eat a ton of meat so have to make it up for it in other ways!