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Friday Faves | 4.28.17


My favorite post of the week! Favorites from the week, best advice I heard, budget finds, what I’m reading and how I organized my Gmail Inbox!

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Best Thing That Came in the Mail. . . I am pregnant so food, of course! Hurley House sent me a package of scrumptious goodies (above). And they did not disappoint. I don’t know about you, but I love a company that takes the time to package their products. Each gourmet gift from Hurley House was beautifully presented. If you are in Ft. Worth you can pick up any of these goodies, or they ship anything on their Market Item page. Cute for little client or teacher gifts!

Favorite Find . . . My friend texted me a picture of these espadrilles she’s been seeing everywhere and asked where she could find them? I don’t know why but I love going on the hunt for things like this. It took me all of two minutes to find them online for her. So thought I would share in case you’ve been looking for something similar.

Fun Budget Find. . . Sugarfix by BaubleBar line at Target. I put these ball drop earrings on my Teacher Gift Guide but they sold out so fast. (Keep checking back, though!). There are lots of cute things though. Great for inexpensive gifts!


Dreamy Collaboration. . . The Draper James x Jack Rogers collaboration is AMAZING!  Don’t miss these limited edition sandals I put on DoSayGive’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. You or your mom would LOVE these for Mother’s Day! Note: the blue sold out fast so the pink will be next!

Best Baby Purchase of the Week. . . Okay the only baby purchase of the week because I haven’t bought anything for this baby. And really it was my mom who bought our baby crib from Pottery Barn Kids (insert clapping!). As for other baby gear, my mom keeps telling me, “Lee, we really need to think about some of these things.” It’s not that I am in denial that I am going to have another newborn (!) but it’s just too much to think about right now. “I’ll think about that tomorrow,”…I quote Scarlett O’Hara to my mom. Or maybe this summer. 

Book I’m Reading. . . Admittedly I was a little freaked out when I opened a box from Penguin Books this week and found Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Option B inside. I thought it was just for widows grieving their husbands, but it’s much more than that. Yes, if you are grieving a loss, you will find comfort in this book. But it’s really the friends and family of people grieving and suffering that need to read this book. So many of the things she says echo the “what to dos” and “what to says” I write about on DoSayGive. Sheryl’s stories of friends not calling or ignoring the elephant in the room, or  throwing out the the common “it happened for a reason” platitudes that just aren’t helpful, really resonate with readers who have been in similar situations and are eye-opening to readers that have not. Her advice for what to say and what to do are right on point.

Been Meaning to Share. . . I’ve seen so many questions on local message boards about safe family sunscreens and bug sprays for summer. Y’all know I love Beautycounter, but it’s pricey. (Side note: the face stick does last a long time and I am thinking the body stick does, too!) But for more suggestions read and share this interview I did with Mommy MD a few years ago where she outlines her favorite sunscreens and bug sprays for children.

Best Weekend Sale. . .Speaking of sunscreens, I know many of y’all LOVE Supergoop sunscreen. Don’t miss their 25% off friends and family sale. Use code F&F2017. My friends love this pump – I also think it’d be a great get-ready-for-summer teacher gift with a cute ribbon on it. (If your child’s teacher has kids at home, of course.) Also, 30% off purchase at Lands’ End (cute kids’ swimsuits and towels) and J.Crew!

Best Advice I Heard This Week . . . If an email is over an month old in your inbox, you are probably never going to respond to it. (So why keep it in there??) I mentioned yesterday that one of the best things I learned at the blogging conference I attended yesterday was how to organize my Gmail Inbox. So thought I would share with y’all a little of what I learned in a short video.

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I’ll answer any questions you have in the Comment section below. Let me know if this was helpful!

Happy Weekend!


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