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Friday Faves | 4.21.17


It’s Friday and that means another Friday Faves post. This is becoming one of my favorite things about the blog as of late!

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Favorite find . . . My legs have been desperate for some color lately! While Beautycounter’s Lustro Shimmer Oil is not a self-tanner, it does give a beautiful glow and kind of gives an airbrush look to your skin. While it looks really shimmery on the outside the bottle, when you put it on it really doesn’t at all. Plus, I don’t feel like I’m rubbing harsh chemical self-tanners all over my pregnant body;). If you have a friend that’s a Beautycounter consultant, you can type their name in at checkout so they get credit!

Best budget buy . . . .I sometimes buy expensive eyeshadow but really would prefer not to! I recently saw this Revlon Colorstay Not Just Nudes Palette was a Southern Living Editor’s pick and so bought it on a recent CVS run. I have the Passionate palette and it’s great for everyday wear.

Fun thing I got in the mail. . .Neely Phelan’s earrings! (Shown above) My sister sends me jewelry every so often and it’s like Christmas morning. If you love colorful statement earrings, you will love her line. (P.S. If you sign up for her newsletter on the pop-cup screen you get a 15% off code!)

Article that peeked my interest. . . I made the mistake several years ago of signing my children up for lots of day camps during the summer. I didn’t realize what I was doing when friends kept asking my daughter to join their children in different camps, but when June came along it seemed like we had something every single day. And I hated it. The getting ready in the morning, packing lunches, driving and picking up – I do that all year long, I didn’t want to be doing it all summer long, too!

The next summer I didn’t do any camps and enjoyed our Dallas summer so much more. Now I am not against day camps ( I know many of my friends love them!) and I probably will sign them up for one this summer (hopefully all the same week!). But I really prefer relaxed summers where we can do as we please. Plus, my children really like to stay home and just be. And play. And I like to be available to hop in the car on a whim to drive to a blueberry patch or hang by the pool all day if we want to. This article was good to read as I am getting email after email about all the (wonderful!) camps this summer.

Book I finished . . . I liked Big Little Lies (the t.v. series) so much that I started The Husband’s Secret. It took me awhile to get into the many different story lines but I finally wrapped my tired brain around them and finished the book. Overall, I’d say a good beach read.

Best weekend sale . . .Tory Burch! Up to 30% off site wide plus free shipping. Grab a cute tunic for mom or a great handbag. Hannah Andersson has 30% off almost everything and free shipping!

Blown away by. . . your feedback to DoSayGive’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Thank you! And I am so embarrassed that I didn’t realize I type “2007” in the title instead of 2017. Whoops! Thanks for being understanding with my typos!

Been meaning to share . . . Remember those Write the Word journals on my Holiday Gift Guide that sold out so fast? The spring line is about to launch and you can pre-order yours now. Cute for graduation or teacher gifts (note: website says they ship mid-May).

Celebrating . . . 20 weeks! I cannot believe I am halfway to having a fourth baby in my arms. I am still on strict orders to avoid exercise, not lift anything heavy, and the ever vague recommendation to “take it easy.” I’ve been doing pretty well, but with three children and the end of the school year (which is so busy!) it’s a bit stressful. At the end of every day I start worrying that I did too much and then the scary thoughts come. Praying that I can carry this baby to term, avoid bed rest, and trust the Lord completely with this precious child that is already such a blessing to our family.

So looking forward to . . . the #rStheCon Reward Style blogging conference this weekend. It is such an honor to be invited to this conference for the top bloggers in the country (or really, the world!). I feel like I often fly under the radar because I don’t have a massive Instagram following like some other bloggers. But because of loyal and encouraging readers like you I have remained among this exclusive group for the past two years (so thank you!). Follow along my weekend as I meet with top brands and attend super fun parties on my Instastories. I promise I will not do too much (most of it is sitting anyway!).

Let me know if you had any favorites finds from the week.

Happy Weekend!

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