What Should Children Wear to a Funeral

Frequently Asked Question: What Should Children Wear to a Funeral?


We’re asked this question a lot: What should my children wear to a funeral? Sadly this is a part of life that we cannot avoid, and it’s better to know what is appropriate so that you aren’t scrambling at a time when emotions are at their highest and there are many other tasks to be done. DoSayGive has the answer this common question, plus some ideas for classic children’s clothing that would be appropriate for funerals and memorial services. 

Contrary to popular belief, children do not have to wear all black to funerals. Children are a light and represent hope of a future — black can take away from this, so a calm color or even a navy may be a better alternative. Always avoid loud colors or patterns that can be distracting. A general rule of thumb is that anything they would normally wear to Sunday school is appropriate. For girls, that may be a tasteful, demure dress or skirt, with tights and wool coats in the winter. Boys can wear suits or sport coats. A toddler can wear dress shorts, a collared shirt and knee highs. 

If a service is being held in a house of worship, do check the website ahead of time to see if there is any type of dress code that needs to be adhered to. Avoid jeans, any clothing with holes or rips, as well as sneakers. Dressing appropriately in this way is a sign of respect to the deceased as well as their family members.

Sometimes the family will request attendees dress in a favorite color of the deceased, or avoid black altogether, Try your best to respect any family requests. We’ve gathered some ideas below but always check our brand list of classic children’s clothing brands when looking for appropriate clothing. 


A classic dress she can wear on multiple occasions.
The florals and smocking make this dress truly special and she can wear to church as well.
Long sleeves are good for keeping her warm. This dress is under $50.
An heirloom coat she can wear to church or other special occasions.

Tween Girls:

A beautiful floral option for older girls. The muted colors are lovely on this one.
The smocking and emerald green color are so pretty. Love the sleeves.
On sale, and goes up to a size 12y. Pair with tights and ballet flats.
This is a basic black dress to have on hand for tweens and just $52.


Every boy should have a blazer in his closet. This one is a classic.
Another wardrobe staple he can wear to school or church, too.
These navy slacks fit really well and are very versatile.
It's good to have a classic tie on hand that he can wear. Love this one.


She can wear these sweet shoes to church or other occasions, too.
Classic loafers that are just as comfortable as his favorite sneakers.
These leather lace-up shoes look high end but are just $50.
Mary jane flats that pair well with tights. Good for older girls, too.

We also have a post dedicated to funeral etiquette that would be a good starting point to discuss how to behave with children who have never attended a funeral before. This is a new experience for many of them, and they look to the adults in their lives for guidance on how to act and what to do. Give it a read and be sure to save to your phone or tablet for future reference.

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