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Favorite Toddler Feeding Accessories (and Tips for Transitioning from Breast or Bottle!)

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I don’t know about you but I am always on the search for the perfect sippy cup. Today I am partnering with Walmart Baby to share a few of our favorite toddler feeding products that made the transition from breast/bottle feeding a breeze!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. Thanks for supporting the brands I love!

It’s #WorldBreastFeedingMonth and while there are tons of tips and tricks for breastfeeding available online, not as many people are talking about how to transition from breastfeeding to toddler feeding.

I nursed Louise about a year and since I detest pumping (a NICU experience will do that to you!) Louise didn’t use bottles a ton. So I introduced Louise to a sippy cup early on, as soon as I started putting her in the high chair to try first foods. I would just put water in the cup. She didn’t immediately take to it, but like any transition, it takes time!

Here are some of the toddler feeding products I used with Louise:

So what are my requirements for a sippy cup? Leak proof (because I am notorious for just tossing them in my purse!), few parts, and EASY to clean. The last thing I want to find is mildew hiding in my child’s sippy cup!

After trying almost every sippy cups with all four of my children, I vote the Think Baby Cup as the best sippy “first” cup for transitioning from breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It’s easy to clean, has a silicone spout that bottle and breast feeders take to, has removable handles for little hands, and is pretty much leak proof (at least I never had any major purse accidents). Tip: babies and toddlers who are transitioning to sippy cups do not like cups with hard spouts.

Another tip for breastfeeding mamas: if you are nursing exclusively I would highly recommend skipping bottles altogether and go right to this sippy cup or one like it.

A few more of our toddler feeding favorites that you can get at Walmart: these inexpensive snack cups and a silicone mat that makes eating out at restaurants doable with toddlers (if that’s possible!).

At first Louise was scared to put her hand in the snack cup, which is why you want one that has a very soft and pliable opening so as to not scrape their little hands!

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For eating in the high chair these bamboo bowls are great because they suction to the high chair tray. The sets make a great gift, too!

What is your favorite first sippy cup? Share below!


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