Faux Leopard Coats

Faux Leopard Coats for a FREEZING Winter!


Now you might not think a leopard coat is very practical. But let me tell you, I have had mine for at least four years! I wear it almost every winter Рsome more than others. Defnitely more this winter because it is totally in style right now. Lucky me!

On this FREEZING day I thought I would pull a bunch of leopard coats to get you through the rest of winter. Many are on sale! So browse through the slideshow to see if any appeal to you. I throw mine on with jeans and instantly feel put together (even when I’m not!)!

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What do you think of faux leopard coats? I am not really an edgy dresser, if you know what I mean, but I have enjoyed my leopard coat!

Happy Weekend!






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