Unique Experience Gifts for All Ages!

Unique Experience Gifts for All Ages!


What do you get the person who has everything or doesn’t need anything? An experience gift! Today’s post has some unique ideas for women, men, and teens that might be the perfect gift for someone you love – or might even spark ideas for other creative experience gifts in your area!


A flower arranging class is a wonderful experience gift where she can learn a few different types of modern arranging. She’ll even get to take one of her creations home. Check your local florist or flower market to see their floral class schedule. In Dallas, Dr. Delphinium offers floral classes year round.

A young mom might enjoy a photography class learn how to take candid, bright, and beautiful photos of her children. There are so many online classes. Click in Moms is one of them!

Of course, spa days are always a welcome experience gift for women!


Cool Clubs is a custom golf club fitting company in Dallas that fits golf clubs to players based on performance. Using their state of the art software and the expertise of the workers who fit the clubs, the goal of Cool Clubs is to improve your golf score average. I bet your area might have something similar!

A barbecue or grilling class is another great experience for men. In Dallas, Premier Grilling offers a variety of classes from learning to grill seafood to learning how to barbecue with chef Kent Rathburn. These classes teach how to use the proper tools, what seasonings to use and how to cook the meet to perfection. In addition to the individual classes, they offer a class pass that gives unlimited class access for a year. Browse their classes here.

Guided hunting and fishing trips are also very popular experience gifts. I would love to know if you recommend any so comment below if you’ve had a great experience with a particular company.


A cooking, wine and cheese pairing, or beer tasting class is a thoughtful gift to give a couple for the holidays or their anniversary. Check local Farmers Markets and gourmet grocery stores for class availability.


Right now, escape rooms are a popular experience gift for adults, but they are also really popular with teenagers! What is an escape room? Well, it’s a life size puzzle that participants will have to solve in order to escape. They will have 60 minutes to find clues and solve problems with the help of friends.

In Dallas, Breakout Games offers six different rooms with unique storylines for a group of 8 people to solve. All ages can play, but players under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. See below for a special giveaway!

Top Golf also offers a unique experience that is great for big groups of people but teens in Dallas especially love it. Top Golf is great for golfers of all skill levels and has a fun and safe atmosphere. In addition to events, you can also book private lessons and classes at your local top golf.


A zoo, museum, or botanical gardens membership makes a wonderful experience gift for children (and their parents)! This is such a blessing to a family, especially during hot summer days when you have run out of other things to do. Keep in mind that a young child probably won’t understand if you hand them a piece of paper so try pairing a zoo membership with a cute stuffed animal or a botanical gardens membership with a neat book on flowers.

Also, tickets to events like Disney on Ice, Paw Patrol Live, or a local sporting event are great gift experience gifts for children!


What about a matinee broadway show or tickets to the local symphony? Or a membership to Movie Pass which offers unlimited tickets to movie theaters with a low monthly rate.

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27 thoughts on “Unique Experience Gifts for All Ages!

  1. Love experience gifts!! Sur La Table cooking classes are BYOB, and I want to give my hubby a cocktail mixing class! Escape rooms are SO FUN!

  2. We have loved painting pottery together because it’s something all ages can do together. My kids all the way up to their grand parents. Another fun one is a cookie decorating class!

  3. We did a Central Market cooking class with all my siblings and their spouses one year instead of exchanging gifts and it was so fun!!

  4. Rough creek lodge for guided hunting. And their food is amazing if you want to make it a couple’s trip!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try an escape room – these look awesome. I done cooking classes a lot of places, and I LOVE The Cookery!

  6. Great ideas! I love experience gifts. We just did an escape room for the first time and it was so fun. We’d love to try another one with friends!

  7. I would love to take my nieces and nephews to an escape room!
    Other fun experience gifts include paint-your-own pottery, or taking your child to make hand-print impressions at Pint-sized Prints studio!

  8. I second Rough Creek Lodge. My husband loves their wobble traps and skeet as well. They will also do a nighttime spotlight safari tour for the kids. So cute and fun for them to be the lookout!

  9. I’ve gifted a month membership to The Little Gym for toddler buddies. That’s a good place for parent-child bonding and it’s fun and educational.

  10. I LOVE room escapes! And other activities in general! I just did a string art class, which would be great for anyone who likes to create things. A trapeze class was awesome and is great for adventure-seekers!

  11. I’d love to take a painting class with my mom or girlfriends! I think that would be a great gift for a adult child to give their mom for Mother’s Day! The gift of time spent together is fabulous!

  12. For Mother’s Day my daughter signed us up for a cheese making class. It was educational and a ton of fun! We laughed at ourselves in the hairnets and created some hilarious memories.

  13. I love experience gifts! I have taken my grown daughters to a restorative yoga class which was pure joy. We have a new build & stain workshop place near me that might be fun. A gift card to DSM would be a hit with me. Our family loves escape rooms!