End of the Year Teacher Gifts!

End of the Year Teacher Gifts!


The school year is winding down so it’s time to start thinking teacher gifts! I’m saving you time with a great selection of thoughtful gifts that your child’s teacher would really love to receive.

First, a few ways to be a thoughtful gift-giver when it comes to our beloved teachers:

  1. Avoid knick knacks. Think about it: does your child’s teacher really need one more coffee mug with a red apple on it?
  2. Consider the recipient. A single, twenty-something female teacher would probably enjoy a trendy towel to lounge by her apartment pool. The 60-something teacher probably has plenty of towels! Also, room moms often ask the teacher to fill out a “favorite things” survey at the beginning of the year so don’t forget to consult that if you received one.
  3. Gifts that can be consumed are always a good idea. Manicures (to a place near their home), movie and restaurant gift cards are always easy. Drybar gift cards are fun give. In Dallas, Northpark Gold gift cards are, well, like gold because they can be used at any store in the mall. Stationery and books are consumable and, of course, food. I like giving Corner Bakery or Panera cinnamon streusel bundt cakes, sometimes with a gift card to that particular restaurant. They can always freeze it if they can’t eat it right away!

Before I get to the full list, I had to show you this special edition collaboration between two of my favorite gifting companies.  Well Bowed and Joy Creative Shop have teamed up to do this limited edition stationery and tumbler set ($40) that is absolutely adorable.

Choose from multiple font choices and you can also purchase just the stationery or just the tumbler ($22 each). Free porch pickup if in Dallas – use code DALLASPPU. They ship nationwide, too!

Browse more great teacher gifts below:

Don’t forget to peruse my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Graduation Gift Ideas as well. You might find something for your child’s teacher on one of those guides.

And, teachers, please comment below with your favorite gifts to receive. It really does help me as I create these guides!

Happy Gifting!



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4 thoughts on “End of the Year Teacher Gifts!

  1. Great ideas! I am a teacher, and my favorite gifts to receive are gift cards to stores and restaurants. Many teachers are on extremely limited budgets, and they really appreciate being able to buy something for themselves at their favorite store or get a meal at their favorite restaurant. I also like personalized stationary. Most teachers already have tons of coffee mugs, water bottles, and candles-so I would chose something other than those gifts.

  2. These are amazing ideas! I agree that gift cards are wonderful. I had a mom last year give me gift cards to good date night restaurants for my husband and me – I thought that was such a sweet and thoughtful idea. The manicure & Drybar gift cards are great too, because they are little luxuries I don’t often indulge in and it’s nice to be able to do so! Of course, books are always appreciated. ?