DoSayGive Style: Elizabeth Heard Barettes!

DoSayGive Style Watch: Elizabeth Heard Barrettes!


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My grandmother, in her sweet Southern drawl, would often tell me, “Now,  Lee, your hair looks best pulled half up, away from your face.” About a month ago I was thinking about this and chuckled as I realized I finally agreed my with her. And then I thought to myself, “I wish there was a company that made sophisticated barrettes for my long hair.” Lo and behold, not a few days later I discovered the most darling company.

elizabeth heard

While I was working the FiG market for my sister a few weeks, I discovered Elizabeth Heard barrettes and have a feeling this company is going to take off. (In part because boutiques were picking this line up for their stores left and right!).

I was drawn to the party animals, but the agate barrettes were super popular among buyers as were the cork. (Note: the agate is not heavy like you would think!). I wore my new elephant barrette to church on Sunday and it stayed in all day without any adjustment, which is pretty impressive I because I have a lot of hair!


Elizabeth Heard barrettes have already been featured in Glamour Magazine, Marie, and just to name a few and are slated to appear on the HBO series, “Girls” in a few weeks. You will be seeing more of these preppy barrettes in glossies and Instagram feeds, but thought I would go ahead and give my readers the scoop. Even better, I worked out an exclusive discount code!


Use code EHxDOSAYGIVE for 20% your order. Offer expires July 31, 2016. An Elizabeth Heard barrette would make a fabulous graduation gift or friend/sister gift!


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