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Dressing up your gifts with beautiful paper


Have you ever received a gift that was wrapped beautifully? I bet it made your day.

I believe the presentation of a gift can mean as much as the gift itself. So here are some beautiful papers to consider keeping on hand.

How cute would a loaf of banana bread or a jar of homemade pickles be in some of the Belle and Union wrapping paper? And the Anne Page monogrammed wrapping paper could be your signature gift wrap. (The paper alone would make a fun friend gift because everyone always needs wrapping paper!)

Happy gifting!

Sources (clockwise from top left) :

Butter Wrapping Paper: Belle and Union

Prize Ribbon Gift Wrap: Belle and Union

Berries Wrapping Paper: Belle and Union

Red/White Candy Twine: Jo Ann

City Toile Wrapping Paper: Rifle Paper Co.

Wildflower Wrapping Paper: Rifle Paper Co. 

Personalized Wrapping Paper: Anne Page Gifts

Natural Twine: Jo Ann




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2 thoughts on “Dressing up your gifts with beautiful paper

  1. Lee, this is a beautiful blog! Love that you are sharing with us how to celebrate everyday occasions. Keep the posts a comin! Looking forward to getting together Tuesday.

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet to make a comment, Melissa. I am glad that you enjoyed it and hope you will share with your friends! Looking forward to hanging out, too.

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