Lovely, Southern-Inspired Gifts from Draper James

Lovely, Southern-Inspired Gift Ideas from Draper James



When I heard that Reese Witherspoon was coming out with her own line, one inspired by her grandparents’ gracious and very Southern way of living, I knew I had to take a further look. After all, DoSayGive was inspired by very similar ideals.

(Photo: Draper James featuring the Overlook Bag)

In case you haven’t heard, Draper James is a new line from Reese Witherspoon featuring products that exude the charm and style that we all adore about the beloved film icon. It is a carefully curated collection geared toward people who enjoy the story behind a product as much as the product itself. Many of the products are from Southern creatives who were hand-picked to be a part of this special line.

Being a Vandy girl myself – and one that values heritage and tradition – I appreciate that Reese honors her hometown by naming products after many of Nashville’s loveliest places, liike the feminine Belle Meade dress and the Cheekwood Bag (both wonderful places if you ever visit Nashville!). In fact, some of the South’s most delightful destinations are honored by Draper James. (I love this Kiawah Coverup and Kiawah Island!).

Since DoSayGive is about being gracious and loving in everything we do, say, and give, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the some of the stationery and gift ideas from Draper James. (And also because a lot of fashion bloggers have already covered their beautiful clothing!).

I recently ordered an assorted set of 12 birthday cards ($30) and a darling little notepad ($14) that Inow keep in my purse and use for my daily to-do list. The items, which were beautifully packaged as seen in the top photo, arrived in a matter of days.

(Two of these notepads wrapped with ribbon would make a darling gift for a teacher or friend.)

Lately I have been on a drug store greeting card strike because they are so pricey ($5.99 for a card??). Most of them are rather cheesy anyway. So I’ve been saving time and money by keeping beautiful cards like these Draper James’ birthday cards in my stationery drawer. Plus, I think it’s more thoughtful to write your own greeting that to just sign your name at the bottom of a mass-marketed card. (But that’s just my humble opinion!).


These cards are big (plenty of room on which to write!) and are printed on fine cardsock (i.e. not flimsy!). Side note: I have been following the designer of these Draper James greeting cards on Instagram for a year or so now. Her name is Hannah Seabrook and she is a graphic and web designer who has an impeccable eye for refined Southern style. (I wish she would come do my whole house!) So when I saw she designed the stationery for Draper James, I knew it would be good!

(DoSayGive Tip: I try to sit down at the beginning of each month and write my all my birthday cards for the month. Then I paper clip them into my planner on the date they need to be mailed so I don’t forget!)

Here are more of my favorite gift and stationery items from Draper James:

A tribute to grandmothers everywhere, the “Put Your Face On”  Powder Room Pouch ($65)…


For all you Georgia peaches, a statement Key Fob ($38)…


Because every Steele Magnolia needs a Magnolia Paperweight ($98) on their dresser…


A perfect little gift for all your Southern friends, this pencil set ($12) with classic Southern sayings like “goodness gracious” and “just darling” would be so cute solo or paired with this light blue parton check notepad ($12) or the blue hued Assorted Thank You Note Set ($30).


Have you ordered anything from Draper James? Would love to know!








Assorted Birthday Card Set ($30 for set of 12)

Hawkins Stripe Notepad ($14)

Chambray Dress ($128)

Crystal Drop Necklace ($110)

Photos: Megan Weaver

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