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DoSayGive’s Motherhood Mentorship is Here!


Do you ever look at a mother a step ahead of you in the parenting journey and want to pick her brain? Do you want to be intentional about the time with your young children but sometimes feel like you can’t even think straight to do so?

That was me 12 years ago…a young mom thirsty to soak up wisdom from more experienced mothers. Four children later, I am so excited to invite you to join me and a community of likeminded mothers for the Influence of Motherhood Mentorship Group.

Y’all, I’ve realized there are two things that moms of young children really crave today: guidance and community.

They want to ask a wiser mom: How did you deal with this issue?

And a fellow mom to say: I am right there with you. 

I’ve noticed so many mothers today don’t have these things. Many of them don’t mothers or grandmothers in the same city to encourage and guide them as they raise their young children. They may not have like-minded families nearby who share the same mission.

I am so grateful for the moms who poured Biblical wisdom into me, who taught me how to be intentional about my time with my children, who would tell me what was coming down the road so I could be prepared.  

This group is my way of paying it forward. To answer questions and encourage young moms out there today with a message that isn’t getting much feed time in our Instagram world.

And it is this:

As mothers we are the primary influence on our child’s life for a very short time.

I am not talking about when they go off to college. Not really even when they go off to high school.

I am talking about the fact that once your child goes off to kindergarten all day you are no longer the primary influence on your child’s life during the week. Add in some extracurriculars, weekend activities, and the pull of technology and it lessens even more. Before you know it you there are so many influences coming into your child’s life. More and more each year. 

Which makes you really want to be intentional about these early years. And ask yourself: what are the most important things I want to instill in my children when they are young?

I get it. Sometimes the word intentional can be overwhelming and feel like there is a lot of pressure attached to it. But this is what it means to be intentional in motherhood:

You don’t want to just go through the motions of motherhood.

You don’t want to just “get through it” or survive.

You want to enjoy it – but with purpose. 

I’ve seen it happen again and again. If parents don’t have strong convictions about something in child-rearing they will just be swept up with popular opinion, whether or not that’s the best thing for their child.

Y’all our children are gifts. They deserve our attention, protection and time. Especially when they are little.

In a world that is hyper focused on what we put in our children’s bodies, this month long mentorship is going to help you be intentional with what you put in your children’s hearts and minds. I will be sharing how I dealt with issues like outside influences, and how I established with my husband a strong influence on my children when they were young, planting seeds of truth and trust that are bearing fruit as we enter the teen years in our home.

You will also be hearing from wise mothers who can look back and share the mistakes and lessons they learned from their time in this sometimes difficult season of life.

The goal of this group is not say you need to do everything a certain way or that I have all the parenting answers. (I don’t!).

But to give encouragement and ideas from mothers who have gone before you.

To show you that this time with young children is a season. But it can bear much fruit.

To say, “yes, this is hard,” but the Lord supplies us with our every need.

So I hope you’ll join me for this unique month long opportunity and tell your friends who are craving this same thing!

Click here to sign up!

Registration closes March 5 and the mentorship group will officially begin on March 9. To be notified when the group opens again, click here

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