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DoSayGive’s March Gift Picks!



I love to share thoughtful gift ideas every month and March is no different! Think about what gifts you need to buy soon and let DoSayGive give you some unique ideas for the people you love.

For the Serious Home Cook : Hedley and Bennett Apron


If you have a gourmet cook in your life, a Hedley and Bennett apron is a must “do”! Founder Ellen Bennett and her quirky “Apron Squad’ have taken the restaurant industry by storm, designing durable, useful, and sleek aprons that make even the novice chef look like the real deal.

Photo: Food Network
Children wearing Hedley and Bennett aprons on Food Network’s Kids’ Baking Championship.

With their adjustable straps (no uncomfortable bows tied around the neck!) and functional pockets, restaurant owners everywhere want their chefs wearing Hedley & Bennett aprons. I am getting my husband an apron for his birthday in April (Shh, don’t tell!). He has pretty much taken over the kitchen on the weekends and I think he will enjoy having one like all the chefs he watches on t.v.! Here are some great Hedley and Bennett aprons:



And they aren’t just for chefs! I am loving their new gardener’s apron ($98) also perfect for your floral arranging or crafting friends:

Love the scissor pocket! (Photo: Hedley and Bennett)


For Her: Barbara Cobb Couture Sun Hat ($175)

barbara cobb

When I was living in Little Rock, I remember people would say things like, “All the women in Dallas are wearing this” or “It’s been in Dallas for a few years now.” Well, I think a Barbara Cobb custom hat is one of those Dallas trends that people everywhere are going to love!

570_570_white key navy block beach cropped
Photo: Barbara Cobb

This is a gift idea you might want to pass along to your husband or parents for a birthday idea for you!  Or it would be a fabulous thing to give to your mom (maybe a joint present with your siblings?). No doubt whoever has one will receive compliments everyday at the pool or beach while wearing her custom Barabra Cobb sun hat!

You can order a custom Barbara Cobb hat online or attend one of the trunk shows this Spring in Birmingham, Atlanta, Austin, Jackson, and more!

Under $20 Gift for Her: Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit!


These are great gifts for friends, teachers (female!), bridesmaids, and even teen girls. Everything you need in a “pinch” in one tiny bag. Great for your purse, for travel, wedding day, or just to keep in your car. Here’s what it includes:


If you order them from Nordstrom, the price is $18 (but with free shipping). The Pinch Provisions website has them for $16 but you have to pay shipping ($5). Their website definitely has more options. Here are some cute styles:




For Him: Needlepoint Belt ($165/$35 for lookalike)


According to Town & Country magazine, a Smathers and Branson needlepoint belt ($165) is a preppy essential. What a great gift for your husband, boyfriend, or dad as we head into warmer months.

Think your guy won’t wear needlepoint? Think again! With beautiful craftsmanship, these belts are geared to the hunters, fishers, and boaters of the world. These are all free shipping. (The $99 ones are for boys!):



And if needlepoint in not in your budget, here are some less expensive ones of the same style. If you have a son that plays Lacrosse, you must get this Lacrosse belt! Free shipping on all of these, too:




And here are some needlepoint hats that are great for high school/college guys. Free shipping, too:




For Children: Stationery with Lines! ($35+)

Minted has scored again with their line of “lined” stationery for children. Perfect for young children who are just learning to write and get frustrated with their slanted sentences!




I think a set of stationery would be the perfect friend birthday gift or to put in your children’s Easter baskets. (Hint to grandparents: this is a great thing to randomly gift your grandchildren, too!).

All children should have their own set of stationery. Train them young to be gracious! Here are some great styles for older children:




For Little Boys: Personalized Train Engineer Set ($29 with Free Shipping and Free Personalization!)


If you know a little boy who loves trains, this is the perfect gift! (The picture is kind of small but It says “Engineer Kyle” at the top; it will be personalized at no additional charge with the recipient’s name.) All accessories are included!

Little Girl: Personalized Dress! ($58)


What a perfect gift to give to your daughter, granddaughter, or niece this Spring! I still have a dress with my name on it that I wore as a child and love it as a keepsake! These are from a fabulous online store called The Well-Appointed House, headquartered in my old stomping grounds of Greenwich, CT!

Here are a few more:




Baby Gift: First Curl and Tooth Treasure Box ($30-32)

I love giving meaningful baby gifts. These treasure boxes are a great price and free shipping:

And if you want real limoge, these are absolutely beautiful, as well as some other keepsake gifts:




Easy Gift for Teachers, In-Laws, Children, or a Neighbor for Getting Your Paper! ($19.95 + Free Shipping!)


Good presentation and packaging can make a $20 gift feel like a $40 gift! As is the case with this Williams-Sonoma Easter Sweet Basket. First of all, it says Williams-Sonoma, so the recipient knows it’s going to be good! Second, the presentation is adorable. Third, it’s free shipping! Think about who you need to do a little something for this month and order a few to have on hand. (And don’t forget I have an entire Easter decor and gift post here.)

And, remember, you can browse for the perfect gift anytime in my SHOP categories!

I would love your feedback on my gift picks! Comment below and please share on Facebook below!





Photos: Food 52, Hedley and Bennett, Food Network, Barbara Cobb, The Well Appointed House, Williams-Sonoma

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