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DoSayGive For The Next Generation: Our Big Launch!

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It is an exciting day here at DoSayGive. I am so excited to share a project that I have been dreaming up for months – we are launching DSG Girl! It’s DoSayGive but for the next generation…

A Little Background…

My original intention was that this new Instagram feed would be for moms looking for appropriate, but cute clothes for their middle and high school girls. I receive so many questions and requests about this topic that it really does warrant it’s own feed.

But as I started doing my research I realized that more and more of these girls have phones themselves and are getting on Instagram. And they are following influencers and celebrities that are much, much older.

Bottom line: there aren’t many age-relevant feeds girls can follow that are sharing truth, inspiration, and style in a way that I’m sure moms of these girls would approve and appreciate.

Then last spring I published a post that went viral about the gracious adulting (10 Things Every Modern Lady Needs to Know) and had so many responses and emails from 20-something girls who said they were so thankful for the post because they didn’t know many of those tips. I realized that either a) their mothers didn’t teach them these things or b) they just weren’t listening to their mothers. Ha!

So I asked myself: how can we reach this sometimes difficult age when girls aren’t listening to their mamas as much and, at the same time, are being heavily influenced by the social world around them?

Instead of hating on social media, I felt it’s better to provide a safe, encouraging space on this platform for these young ladies. Think of it as another voice speaking truth and encouragement into your daughter besides you.

So DSG Girl will be a unique place for pre-teen and teen girls to find cute and tasteful clothing along with encouragement and inspiration created just for them! A reflection of the lessons I strive to teach my own girls, my hope is that this will become a space for coming of age girls to feel encouraged to be “gracious in life, lovely in appearance, and authentic at heart.”

We’ll also be sharing cute clothes, skincare tips, friendship advice, encouragement for hard days, manners that will take them far (and why), and even things like how to see through the inflation and deception on social media. The ages and audience may evolve as we go along hope is that the older girls will even become an encouragement in the comments for the younger girls.

Let me be frank. My seventh grader does not have a phone nor social media. But the fact of the matter is, many – probably most – of her friends do. And follow @dosaygive on social media. While I am flattered they are, I know I can provide better, more relevant content for them on @dosaygivegirl (with the help of my younger, cooler team members!).

And while she doesn’t have Instagram, I will let my daughter look at my phone because I slowly want to introduce her to the social media world in a healthy and safe way. Because whether I like it or not, in a few short years she will be exposed to it in high school and beyond. Plus, she’s helping me with feedback and ideas for the feed!

So whether your daughter is on Instagram or not, here are ways you can use @dosaygivegirl:

  1. If she doesn’t have a phone… you can follow and shop @dosaygivegirl and share with her what you like. The topics we will bring up about social media, clothing, friends will be good conversation starters.
  2. If she has a phone and is on Instagram… she can follow @dosaygivegirl because you can trust it’s a safe account to follow.
  3. If she has a phone but is NOT on Instagram… she can follow us @dsggirl on the app for a test run in the social media experience. Just about all the clothes and products we share on Instagram we will also link on the app. Basically you just click on the products to shop from your phone. Or she can email or text them to yourself so you can approve (or not!) and then click to purchase. Cute, appropriate, Dallas-girl favorites all in one place. Watch the tutorial here!

Another fun feature about the app is the ability to easily email and texts posts to someone else. I am thinking this would be perfect for moms and daughters to share outfits ideas with each other. If you look at the guide below, just underneath the photo there is a button where you can share the post. Just click that and then you will have the option to text or email the post! 

Follow along at @dosaygivegirl and on and please do share this post with your mom friends who have pre-teen and teen girls!



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5 thoughts on “DoSayGive For The Next Generation: Our Big Launch!

  1. Lee this is so great!!! I can not tell you how useful this will be for mothers and young ladies. So many of my daughters friends follow you and although they are older now…back in the day this would have been helpful. Great idea my friend! You are rocking exactly what the world needs. Thank you!!!