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Cutest Back to School Gifts!


caroline Don’t you just love this adorable knit dress? Even more adorable is the embroidered name is exactly how the little girl writes her name! What a precious gift that your child can keep as a memento of her childhood for years to come!  (They also have shirts for boys!) Keep reading for ordering details…

It’s that time of year again: sharpened pencils, new clothes, and freshly cut hair. I just love the anticipation and excitement in our house as we get ready for another school year.countdown to school I have my countdown calendar going and the girls are getting excited to meet their teachers soon. (My husband, funny enough, said if he saw a countdown sign like this one as a child, he would have immediately broken it in two: he hated going back to school!). Thankfully, my girls are thrilled about going back to school, but every year there are new students at school who are quite anxious about meeting new teachers and new friends. I know the feeling because I switched schools 8 or 9 times growing up. So I always try to reach out to the new families in my child’s class however I can.

Last year, when my daughter was new to the first grade, another mom graciously gave her a colorful, school-themed gift basket. It meant so much to my daughter so I have recreated it this year to pass along to a new family. It is so easy (and inexpensive) to put together – anyone can do it!back to school caddy before I went to the dollar store where I bought the caddy and all the school supplies for less than $13. By the way, caddies are great tools for keeping the homework routine intact; children can keep all their supplies in one place and pull it out every afternoon when it’s time to do their work.

With a little clearance ribbon from Target and some cellophane, I was able to make an adorable gift that is appropriate for any elemetary-aged student. back to school caddy afterThe one thing in the caddy that is not from the Dollar Store is the bookmark timer, which I believe is a necessity for all new and developing readers. Last year my daughter had to read 20 minutes every night so this helped her keep track of her minutes (without having to ask me every five minutes if she had read enough!). You can find them here on Amazon for less than $9.

book timer
Bookmark timer: a great gift itself, especially if paired with a wonderful spy book like this one!

Even if a child doesn’t have to “time” their reading, it’s still great to have in the house, particularly for children who don’t like to read. It helps them feel accomplished when they see how much they have read each day. It also comes in handy when you just need them to go in another room for a while. Just tell them to go read in their room for 15 minutes (or look at illustrations if they can’t read) and you get 15 minutes of peace!

Okay, now back to the adorable dress! Using your child’s own precious hand-writing, Memphis-based company, Kaleidoscope, can make boys’ and girls’ knit shirts and dresses.

all shirts dressesThe shirts are $38 and the dresses are $48, plus shipping. They would be adorable throughout the fall season! The turnaround time is two weeks if ordered by August 16th (4 weeks after that). Other appliqués are available, too, (think Thanksgiving and Holidays!). I saw a brother and sister in coordinating t-shirt and dress and it was just precious! Check out Kaleidoscope on Facebook or see below for contact info. caroline with paper So that’s it for my Back to School gift roundup. Happy schooling everyone!



Dress/T-shirts: Kaleidoscope on Facebook or email

Caddy/School Supplies: Dollar Tree

Bookmark Timer: Amazon

Chalkboard Countdown Plaque (similar): Etsy

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  1. Hi Lee,
    This blog is fantastic!! I just saw it yesterday, but I really enjoyed catching up and reading through your thoughtful posts! So happy that everyone is doing well and all of your girls are just precious!!


    1. Jordan, thank you! I know you prayed for Maggie during that trying time and I appreciate that so much! I love keeping up with your beautiful family on Facebook and hope y’all are still loving Houston. Please share with your Houston friends! Would love any and all feedback!

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