Classic Children's Literature Summer Reading List

Classic Children’s Literature Summer Reading List

Classic Children's Books


I was on Amazon the other day  and happened to notice they have a section of Summer Reading recommendations. So I clicked and started browsing their editor’s picks for summer time. Now I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but what I saw was nothing short of a tragedy.

I am not kidding when I say that Billy’s Booger and Dork Diaries 9 were some of the first “Editors’ Picks” for their Recommended Summer Reading Lists. Now I don’t know who these “editors” are exactly, but I’ll just say this: please, please, please, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that children are only going to enjoy reading if they are presented with watered-down, mindless junk. It’s just not the case.

These ‘filler” books aren’t bad, per se, but we are doing children a disservice by only presenting them with these kinds of books. Why waste children’s time on them when they can enjoy reading rich stories with beautiful language and imagery that truly sparks the imagination? If we want to raise children who appreciate art, music, and literature, then we need to surround them with those things.

As summer is upon us, and we take our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews to the library or book store, remember you really have to “sift” through the shelves to find quality books. To help, I have a whole list of recommended books we have loved under by SHOP: Classic Children’s Books categories (everything linked to Amazon for easy ordering, too!) but here are a few of our favorites in case you need somewhere to start.



Picture Books (Ages 3-7):



Read Aloud to Girls:

Sometimes we underestimate children’s ability to understand. I started reading a lot of these books to my oldest daughter when she was five and at the time I was shocked how much my three year old understood! We read at bed time when they are quiet, but some of my friends read during the day while their children are playing quietly.

I am not a reading/education expert by any means so my age recommendations may be a bit off! It really depends on the child and their development, but I have been told it’s best to read aloud above what you think they are capable of. Remember, studies show that reading aloud to children that can already read has benefits, too. For our family, it is a sweet bonding time and starter of many great conversations.

(These are girl favorites, but boys love many of these, too!).


Read Aloud to Boys:

My girls have read most of these, too, and loved. Same thing with the age ranges – challenge their children. They can understand and comprehend way more than you think! Plus, after reading classic books like the ones below, their vocabulary grows tenfold!



if you need some more recommendations, start with these categories:

Board Books

Picture Books

Read Aloud Favorites

Girl Book Favorites

Boy Book Favorites

Book Series

Hope you liked DoSayGive’s Classic Children’s Literature Summer Reading List. What books are you reading this summer? Share below!

Happy Reading!






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