Classic Children's Books Box Sets

Classic Children’s Books Box Sets – For Gifts!



I am so excited to share this post with you! If you have been reading DoSayGive for a while, you know that I think books make the best gift for children. In particular, I love giving the classic books that never go out of style. The ones that will be on the shelves of their children and grandchildren.

Today I’m showing some of my favorite collections of classic children’s books that make wonderful gifts. Some are box sets and some are collected stories in one beautiful book. All of these books are beautifully illustrated and have rich stories that children have loved for generations.

Many of these books make great baby gifts and toddler gifts! Sometimes we don’t think to give new parents books for when their child grows older, but what a meaningful gift that is – Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, and Thornton Burgess just to name a few! (Don’t forget to write a hand-written inscription if you can!).

You can read here why I think reading classic books to our children is one of the best things we can do for the next generation. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, as they say! Sometimes we don’t think our children will read books that were written 50-60-100 years ago, but I promise they most likely will! You know that these books will not be tossed out in a few years. These will treasure for a lifetime. (I read my children many of these books that were given to me as a child as I am sure many of you do, too!)

And if you don’t already have these for your own children, consider adding these to your home library.  Grandparents, if you are reading, consider having some of these at your home to read to your grandchildren when they visit. What wonderful memories you will make! I have precious memories of my grandmother reading Heidi to me as a chid.

Most of these are linked to Amazon (except for a few that are on One Kings Lane or Anthropologie). Just click on the picture to go to the Amazon link. I didn’t put prices because you know how prices always are changing on that site!

Read each description and feel free to comment below and ask me any questions. I have read just about all of these so am happy to help!



Do you have any of these classic children’s books box sets? Let me know if you give any as gifts!

Happy Reading!


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9 thoughts on “Classic Children’s Books Box Sets – For Gifts!

  1. I have that exact Anthro set, but I picked it up last year at Costco for only $50! It was a total impulse buy because my girls are still a little young to enjoy most of the stories, but suddenly I’m feeling pretty good about that purchase. 🙂

    1. Also meant to say, I love love love this list!

      In addition to the Anthropology set we already have Billy and Blaze books (wonderful!) and that same Winnie The Pooh Treasury (thanks, Half Price Books!). And I just now added the Boxcar Children set to my Amazin wish list. But I wish I could have everything from this page…I’m absolutely drooling over all the delicious literature and gorgeous illustrations. Thank you for curating this collection. I like your taste!

      1. Oh thank you so much for telling me all this! I love Half Price books- found several of our Christmas books there! And please keep checking back bc I’m writing more posts on books like these – I’m trying to help spread the word that children really do love and enjoy these classics. Thank you so much for sharing and commenting and for your kind words!

    2. Oh my goodness! How awesome is that! I need to tell my readers to be on the lookout at Costco. That’s a great deal!

  2. Thanks for this list! It was fun to go through my books I’ve been collecting for so many years and to find that I already have most of the books on your list! I love “lists” so I really appreciate that you have done all the work for me! One of my teenage granddaughters has discovered my old books and loves to borrow them when she comes to visit! The Diary of Anne Frank was her latest discovery and she wants to borrow The Hiding Place next. This is really fun for me because we can have good discussions about that part of history that we don’t want to ever repeat!