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Chocolat est Chic!

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

Don’t yawn when I say a box of chocolates makes a great gift, because I am not referring to the assorted chocolates you know from your childhood.

I am talking about what talented and modern chocolatiers are doing across the country: creating bite-size works of art that are almost to pretty to eat. (Almost!) In Dallas, for example, we have recently been graced with the opening of Kate Weiser Chocolate.

Kate weiser store
Photo: Kate Weiser Chocolate

Kate Weiser is a former pastry chef who spent years refining her craft  before opening her own store in the revitalized Trinity Groves area of Dallas. You can tell that she has put a lot of thought and research into her chocolates because the flavors are so unique: Lavender Apricot, Mango Haberno, and Champagne just to name a few.

Kate Weiser’s Lavender-Apricot Chocolates. Photo: Kate Weiser Chocolate

Not only do the flavors of her chocolates stand out, but the artistry is visually stunning as well. The vibrant colors used to adorn the chocolates are surely Jackson Pollock-inspired; they add a hint of chaos to the normally formal world of chocolate.

Kate weiseropen box
Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

So how do they taste? Well, first, let me preface this by saying that throughout my entire life I’ve only liked chocolates from one place – and that’s Dinstuhl’s in Memphis, Tennessee (a very old-school, but delicious chocolatier). On several special occasions my poor husband attempted to buy me fancy chocolates in San Francisco and New York, but I never liked any of them!

That is until now. These Kate Weiser chocolates are simply amazing. At first taste you can tell she uses only the finest ingredients. The chocolate is not too bitter or sweet. It is the perfect consistency.

And it’s not the kind of chocolate where you have to take a tiny bite out of one to see if you will like it (putting the gross half-eaten ones back in the box!). I did not put a single chocolate back in the box! Even my girls loved the ones I gave them, particularly the Fresh Mint Leaf.

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

A standard box of 15 assorted chocolates is $35 at Kate Weiser Chocolate. You can also get a box of six chocolates for $15 (a great friend gift) and a box of 35 for $70 ( a perfect corporate gift). And the box is so good-looking you don’t really even need to wrap it!

So don’t brush off the idea of giving chocolates for birthdays or anniversaries. I promise whomever you give them to will be thrilled to receive a box of gorgeous confections.

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

If you don’t live in Dallas, fear not, because Kate Weiser Chocolate will be offering online ordering soon (in time for the holidays!) and DoSayGive will keep you posted when that is available. If you do live in the Dallas area, be sure to stop in their Trinity Groves store for a box of chocolates and a macaroon ice cream sandwich. (A great Saturday afternoon outing!).

Do you have an innovative chocolatier in your city? Would love to know! And please remember to “Like” and “Share” on Facebook!

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Chocolate: Kate Weiser Chocolate

Top: Piperlime

Leggings: TopShop

Shoes: DSW

 ** Kate Weiser Chocolates did not sponsor this post; I just really like their chocolates and wanted to share!

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