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Lovely and Gracious Profile: Catherine Cartie

Profiles in Refinement

We’re delighted to bring you another installment of Lovely and Gracious, our series featuring women who from around the country who embody the DoSayGive ideals. Today, we’re thrilled to continue with Catherine Cartie, a mother of three and artist hailing from Ft. Worth, Texas. Catherine Cartie Watercolor & Calligraphy is know for custom illustrations and calligraphy as well as beautiful gifts in their online shop, including the silks scarves that have been on DoSayGive’s Gift Guide!

Let’s talk to Catherine!

Catherine, what has been the biggest influence to you when it comes to manners and grace?

Honestly, this page! There is so much thoughtfulness and purpose here, and it is really inspiring.

What is the most underrated virtue?

Generosity and Understanding.

Most treasured gift you’ve received?

A butterfly scarf that my grandmother left me after she passed. It inspired my whole silk scarf collection.

Do you have a signature gift?

A deck of butterfly playing cards – delightfully pretty and useful too!

If you have ½ day of time to yourself what do you do?

Go on a walk in nature while I listen to a podcast, grab some yummy lunch, and have a cup of coffee under a cozy blanket while I read.

What manner do you wish people implemented more?

Introducing yourself to others – it immediately makes people more comfortable and provides an opportunity for connection (or re-connection!)

What living person do you most admire?

My brother – he has accomplished so much so early with integrity, hard work, and purposefulness. Even though he is my little brother, I look up to him and want him to be proud of me like I am of him.

When and where did you experience deep joy recently?

Rock climbing with my husband and kids at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg

What do you call your beloved people?

Sweetie (or more often, Schweetie Pie)

Do you have a nickname?


The Instagram account you share with friends.

Fort Weekend (@fortweekend) are sweet sisters in law and friends of mine that started the cutest line of kids sleeping bags, play mats, and sheets. They are so soft and come in adorable designs (I’m a little biased because I actually painted the designs for most of them!) and they have the sweetest monogramming options.

Favorite fictional character in a book.

Tyrion Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin)

The vacation destination you would repeat.

Crested Butte, Colorado is forever my happiest place. The grounding of the mountains and the crisp mountain air brings me so much joy.

How do you close your letters?

*quick hand drawn heart* Catherine

Using one word, how would your friends describe you. 


One place you tell visitors to your city to go.

The Fort Worth Stockyards – it is a cheeky, fun way to experience the history and uniqueness of Fort Worth.

The product you buy again and again.

Laneige lip mask in berry.

Thank you so much, Catherine! Be sure to browse Catherine Cartie’s online shop for beautiful gifts and follow her on Instagram. If you want to order a scarf for Mother’s Day gifting place your order by Math 8th! 

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