My Husband's Summer "Casual Friday" Favorites

My Husband’s Summer “Casual Friday” Favorites


vineyard vines girls

Jeans // Driving Shoes // Sport Shirt (similar) // Pink Romper // White Sandals (similar)

Just in time for Father’s Day, I am partnering with Nordstrom to bring you some of my husband’s favorite casual brands – perfect for casual Fridays at work, date nights, travel, and more. Plus, I’m sharing some things that makes my husband the “Father on the Year” in my eyes.

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My sweet husband is doing an amazing job holding the down fort while I am on bed rest. Most evenings he speeds home after work to relieve the babysitter, quickly feeds the girls dinner, then gathers them up to bring them to the hospital to see me. But when we have one of our moms in town, he will try to bring the girls up here individually. It definitely takes more coordinating on his part, but we’ve found they really need their one-on-one time with their mama to cuddle in the bed and pour out their little hearts and tears.

The one-on-one time is also strengthening their daddy-daughter relationships. Last Saturday he took our youngest to the Dallas Farmers Market and then they surprised me with a Nutella crepe afterward. He’ll always try to pick up food or flowers for them to bring m. (It makes them so happy to do something for their mama!) And I love that he will often have them make some kind of art creation or hand-written card to brighten up my room. Like I said, he’s being such a rock for our family (including his emotional wife!) and for that I am so grateful.

vineyard vines romper 

So now let’s talk about men’s clothes!

My husband’s office is pretty casual so unless he has a meeting he dresses in jeans or casual pants pretty much everyday. As I’ve mentioned before, some of his favorite brands include Peter Millar (polos), Bonobos (casual pants), Mizzen and Main (non-iron shirts), and Vineyard Vines (sport shirts), Trask driving shoes – all available at Nordstrom, of course. He rarely has time to shop so I usually order a few sizes online and send back what doesn’t work. Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns makes that super easy and guilt-free.

Before I get to some recent purchases, I’ve pulled some of my favorites from his go-to brands for some inspiration. Lots of Father’s Day ideas for y’all.

DoSayGive’s Favorite Casual Men’s Looks


So over the past few months I’ve been been on the hunt for some nicer jeans for my husband for him to wear to work. After a lot of trial and error, I realized he needs “straight leg” jeans. (“Slim cut” is too slender, but he wanted something slimmer than regular and bootcut fits). Another requirement: no funky stitching on the back pockets!

Here are some great “straight fit” jeans from Nordstrom:

DoSayGive’s Favorite “Straight Cut” Men’s Jeans


After trying on several, my husband settled on these Peter Millar jeans. They are straight cut, a darker wash that’s good year round, and they aren’t too trendy (but don’t look like  “old man” jeans, as I call them). I also liked these AG Jeans and these Paige jeans because they seemed a little bit more on trend, but he liked the Peter Millar ones best.

peter millar jeans

Note: these jeans come un-hemmed so Nordstrom’s in-store alterations department can hem them or he can take them to your local tailor. (If you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card, check because you probably have free in-store alterations credit!). My husband had them hemmed with room to spare so he can also wear with his cowboy boots which y’all know he loves.

Oh and this darling Vineyard Vines girls’ romper is from Nordstrom, too. So easy and soft for a summer play outfit!

I hope sharing my husband’s favorite casual brands will help you shop for your guy. Don’t forget Father’s Day is June 18th!

Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and thanks to all of you for trusting me to do the research for your guy’s wardrobe!

Photos: Megan Weaver


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Jeans // Driving Shoes //

Sport Shirt (similar) // Pink Romper //

White Sandals (similar)

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