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One of the things I love about having a blog is hearing from my readers. I take joy in hearing how you discovered something you love on DoSayGive or your feedback from one of my “What to Do” posts. And I love enjoy all the questions! People often email me for specific gift ideas or etiquette advice, and sometimes even outfit ideas! I really do try to answer each and every one. Today I am sharing some recent request and photos from DoSayGive readers.

1. A Thoughtful Thank You Gift

A sweet reader named Elizabeth emailed me for a thoughtful and appropriate thank you gift for two couples that stepped up when she was hospitalized with a complicated pregnancy. These families got everything off her registry that hadn’t yet been purchased and set her up nursery, allowing her husband to be more available to her in the hospital. Above and beyond is an understatement!

This is a subject that I know quite well as I was on bed rest and hospitalized for nearly four months with my second child. And my sweet friends did many similar things to Elizabeth’s friends. It was a difficult lesson to learn that there really is not a gift big enough to say thanks for these kinds of things.

As cliché as “pay it forward” sounds, I told Elizabeth that there really is truth to that phrase. There will come a time when someone close to her needs an act of love or sacrifice and, because of what these friends did for her, she will take great joy in doing the same for someone else.

Now while she can never “repay” her friends for their acts of kindness, I do think a token of thanks is in order. I suggested a beautiful coffee table book by a Charlotte-based artist named Anne Neilson called Angels in our Midst ($70). It is a gorgeous book and something that can remind these two families how Elizabeth and her husband considered them angels during such a trying time in their lives. The forward is by Ron Hall, the author of Same Kind of Different as Me (which if you haven’t read, you must!).


Elizabeth also included a “fun” gift as well: a gift certificate to a nice restaurant that is usually reserved for special occasions. I love her outpouring of love and thanks as well as her beautiful wrapping job!  Thanks Elizabeth for sharing!

Dallas friends: I’m not sure if they still do, but they used to carry this book at the Blue Print Store in Uptown.

2. Gift Basket Inspiration

Tracy was inspired by this post to create this food gift basket for a friend who had twins. Meal calendars are great for dinners, but it’s nice to have healthy and delicious sustenance for lunch, too! This is also a great thing to bring to someone who is ill or just had surgery.


3 . Barrington Gifts Totes!

Love all the pics of your cute monogrammed totes! This first picture is from Laura – she got the navy stripe St. Anne’s Tote.

bt navy

Laura also got the matching laptop case case – a great idea for a gift, too!

Kelly got the St. Anne’s Tote in the navy/khaki herringbone pattern – goes with everything!


Read my original post about what a great tote this is here.

4. Whitney English Day Designer for Target 


Several of y’all have email me that you LOVED the tip about the Whitney English Day Designers by Blue Sky. (My sister said it’s pretty much like the one she paid $55 for last year!) I shared the black stripe in my original post, but how cute is this gold stripe that Kelly purchased?! She said it was only $23 with shipping! (Remember, if you can’t find them in store at Target, you can order directly from Blue Sky’s website like Kelly did!).

5. Etiquette Question Regarding Joint Birthday Parties

Question: My son was invited to a party next weekend and it’s a joint party for a child in his class and a child in the other PreK class. I have no idea who the other child is. Do I get a gift for both kids? Or is ok to just get a gift for the little boy that my son knows?

My Answer: My daughter was invited to a joint party for a neighbor friend who attended a different school (so we didn’t know the other girl). I brought a present for her friend, but not the other birthday girl. So I think it is fine not to. One thought though: If these boys are all going to grow up together (like a pre-k through 12 school?) you might want to bring a little something for the other friend. Not necessary, but you can do something thoughtful yet inexpensive like a sketchbook and coloring pencils. Or a good classic children’s book.

Read my other two posts about children’s birthday party etiquette here and here.

6. Bric’s Luggage


The next time I’m in the market for some luggage, I want a Bric’s rolling suitcase. A celebrity-favorite, this luggage is so good-looking in person. Tracy said she recently bought one and LOVED it on her recent trip. (Tracy, you need to send me a pic or post one!)

Please share your DoSayGive finds on social media and tag #dosaygive. Or feel free to email me with post ideas or questions. I will be happy to put together customized gift ideas or outfit selections for you, if I have time. In fact, last week a reader asked me to send her some ideas for fun but appropriate things to wear in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. I was totally up for that challenge and maybe will share that in the next “By Special Request” post!






Photo: Bric’s 




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7 thoughts on “By Special Request

  1. I think its beautiful to give back if you can, I enjoyed reading all these stories and often think about how blessed I am, my biggest gift I could give to anyone, is to hand them a Bible and tell them that Christ Jesus has been waiting for you… that is my biggest give to you and to anyone in life…

  2. Yay, I made the blog!!:) I’m loving the tote and the planner. It’s the perfect size and is helping me keep track of our schedules and my to-do’s allowing me to plan ahead better. And, it was low risk at only $23. Great job on all your ideas!!!

    1. Oh good! Thank you for sending me those pics!! I love that at the price you don’t feel bad if you totally destroy it (which I usually do to planners about halfway through the year;). Thanks again!

  3. That is one of my favorite books! It is just beautiful! What a wonderful gift idea! I went to the author signing at Blue Print—and just absolutely love it! Angels are always in our midst!