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Broadening my Horizons…And My Paint Color



I have never been a “red” person. So when we recently moved into a house with a red front door, one of the first proclamations I made to my husband was that I wanted to paint the door.

Most likely I would use an earthy greenish-grayish paint that is more my style. (You know, like the same color that everyone else is using to paint their front doors these days!)

But do you know what’s interesting? After a few days of coming through the brilliant, red front door, I began liking it more and more. Then a friend stopped by and casually mentioned that having a red door made it easier for people to find my house ( I liked that!).  And then my mom told me that it made a happy and bright entrance for my girls to walk up to everyday (I certainly love ingraining those kind of childhood memories into my children!).

So I decided to keep the door red for a while longer.

My mom helped me spruce up the front porch for fall with beautiful mums and a Pottery Barn wreath. And it got everyone in the mood for the bright, blue sky and the blustery air that only fall can bring:


And do you know what is so ironic about that red door that I just knew I would hate? Well, within a few hours of me posting a picture of it on Instagram, Pottery Barn asked me if they could “regram” it on their Instagram page for all their followers to see:


And even crazier is that the red door received the loveliest compliments from followers all over the world, not to mention 6300 likes! What a treat for me! I’m so glad I got out of my “comfort” zone to enjoy something on the brighter side of the color wheel.

By the way, I just bought these pots from Home Depot. I have never had square pots before (again getting out of my comfort zone!) but I love these! It was hard to find good pots in the off-season but these were a great price. You can also get the cedar trees at any nursery and they don’t cost very much. I think I have had these trees for at least two years now and they just keep filling out and getting taller. Even better, during the holidays you can just add some lights and you’ve got potted Christmas trees!


Do you think your front door makes your house a more welcoming place for friends and family? There’s nothing better than walking up to someone’s home and feeling like you are about to enter a bright, happy, and loving home.

Happy fall!





Wreath: Pottery Barn

Square Pots: Home Depot

Pumpkins: Home Depot

Play Dresses: Hannah Andersson


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