Hot Sales on Boys and Girls Winter Vests

HOT Sales on Boys and Girls Winter Vests!


I’ve found the best sales on boys” and girl’s winter vests. Buy now and let them open on Christmas Day! Click on picture (above) for link to retailer but note DISCOUNT codes below.

I just love the classic and easy look of puffy or fleece vests on children, don’t you? Here are all the links and coupon codes for the adorable vests pictured above. See bottom of post for new additions, including The North Face and mini Boden.

1. Boys Grizzly Fleece Vest – Use code HOLIDAY. $56.00 + FREE SHIPPING.

2. Boys Eddie Black Bauer Puffer Vest (multiple colors available) – $24.99 +FREE SHIPPING.  

3. Penfield Camo Vest (super warm!!) – Use code HOLIDAY. $126.00 + FREE SHIPPING.

4. Boys Blue Quilted Frost-Free Vest (multiple colors available)- Use code EARLYBIRD. $21.00.

5. Red Warmest Puffer Vest (multiple colors available). Use code HAPPY. $31.00.

6. Pink Hooded Cozy Sherpa Vest – Use code EARLYBIRD. $12.25.

7. Purple Quilted Down Patagonia Vest – $79 + FREE SHIPPING.

8. Toddler Girls’ Floral Puff Vest – $12.25 + FREE SHIPPING.

9. Girls Polka Dot Frost Free Vest (multiple patterns available) – Use code EARLYBIRD. $21.00

And I just added some more great deals:

And don’t forget to check out the Gap today – all pjs (kids and adults are $15! (Click here)

Hope you find a winter vest for your child or grandchild. Let me know if you order one!

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