Blownaway App - On Demand Beauty Services!

Blownaway – Glamorous “On Demand” Beauty Services!



Living in Dallas, I get to try out so many great products and services. One I tried out recently is Blownaway App – an on demand beauty service that comes right to your house!

I don’t know about you, but the advent of the “blow dry” bars really changed my life. Now that I go every week (like I am sure a lot of Dallas ladies do!) but for special occasions and photos for my blog, it really makes such a difference to have my hair professionally styled. With a good dry shampoo, it can last for up to four days!

Honestly, I never thought I would have the luxury of having a stylist come to my house to blow out my hair but if you have a discount code (like the one I am about to share!) it is actually cheaper than if you have to hire a sitter to stay with your children while you go to a salon.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the Blownaway App on your phone. (Or go to their website).


2. Select if you want a blow dry, makeup application, or both. (I just did the blow dry this time!).

3. Select your city (available in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and NYC) and time (you can book the same day!) and enter your payment info.

That’s it!

My stylist, Marisa, showed up right on time with her suitcase all ready to do the “Red Carpet” style on me (i.e. that’s what they call their loose curl look.)


I was so thankful that she didn’t need to be set up in a bathroom (because mine was a disaster!) so we set up in my office. My girls were quite mesmerized.


It was so nice! I worked on my laptop, answered some phone calls without feeling totally rude like I would if I was in a salon. I loved not feeling like I had to be all put together or have my makeup done, which was such a treat!

Marisa was so sweet and super fast. It would have taken me no less than 1.5 hours to attempt to get my hair to look like this, but she was finished in 30 minutes! I almost didn’t want her to go it was so much fun!


I would love to have a standing blow-dry appointment each week! But for the occasional blow dry, Blownaway is so great for moms with young children like me. A little glamour treatment is good every one in a while!


Blownaway is available in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and New York City. So if you live in – or travel to! – these any of these cities, you definitely should try it out with the following discount code just for DoSayGive readers.

Normally, a blow out is $65 but use code dosaygive15 to get $15 off! That’s $50 – which is about the same as going to a blow dry salon if you consider what you have to pay a sitter and the tip is included with Blownaway. (And, if you ask me, $10 is totally worth the stress-free experience in your home own home or hotel!)

And if you want to book both hair and makeup (which I want to do nextt time!) get $35 off with code dosaygivecombo!

Blownaway also offers monthly memberships – for $99 you can get two services per month!

A Blownaway gift certificate would also make a fantastic gift for a mom, a bride, or really any friend who needs a little something fun! You can get a gift card with a discounted rate here.

To book or learn more about Blownaway, click here. Offer expires 9/1/2015.

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Here’s to looking glamorous!





My Favorite Dry Shampoos:



Pink Eyelet Dress ($149)

Cream Fringe Shell Top ($20 with code HEATWAVE!)

Seersucker Shorts (similar)

Photos in Park: Stephanie Drenka Photography

Full disclosure: Blownaway supplied me with a discount code, but opinions entirely my own! 

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