Best (Non-Junky!) Children's Gifts Under $15

Best (Non-Junky!) Children’s Gifts under $15!


children's gifts under $15

Y’all this is a post to pin or bookmark! The next time you receive a children’s birthday party invitation head to this post because below I have gathered the best games, books, toys and other non-junky children’s gifts under $15. Most ship free with Amazon Prime! Yay! Better yet, you are giving a gift to the birthday child’s parents because they will be so happy their child isn’t receiving junky toys they don’t want or need.

I have said before: there is absolutely no reason to spend a bunch of money on a classmate’s birthday gift. I think we feel like we will be judged if we don’t spend a certain amount but that’s why we all end up with so much STUFF.

I think giving gifts is a good and thoughtful thing – an expression of love for the person – but let’s tone it down a bit. A fresh pack of colored pencils and a sketch book is a fine gift. A new marker set or playdough (under $8!). Anything consumable is probably a welcome gift. Although maybe not slime ingredients -ha!

Or think about a simple puzzle for toddlers that can be passed down to siblings. A classic book. A fun game they can enjoy with their siblings. And a $10 gift card is totally enough for a classmate’s birthday. Perhaps to a local yogurt or sno cone place as we head into summer.

I have included all of these things and more below and all are under $15. (Note: Amazon is always changing their pricing so don’t fault me if some are a bit over when you read this!).

What’s your favorite children’s gifts under $15? Comment below because readers love seeing other ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Best (Non-Junky!) Children’s Gifts under $15!

  1. I love to get PB kids mini tote bags this time of year on sale for $14 (usually with free shipping). They have a Disney princess one this year. I think they are the perfect “purse” for little girls ages 3-6. I like to get boys the toiletry bag for $15. I usually add a can of shaving cream and “magic” washcloth from the Dollar Tree.