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Beautiful Bird Houses (That Also Make Great Gifts!)


If you read my 5 Simple Pleasures post over the weekend, you know that I have been (rather unexpectedly!) enjoying watching the birds visit our bird feeder in our back yard each morning. After that post, I had several readers ask me so to share bird feeders that would make great gifts to send to loved ones right now, even for Mother’s Day. Others wanted one for their own home. Y’all will love the beautiful bird houses and bird feeders in today’s post! 

My husband and girls bought our birdhouse at Wild Birds Unlimited (I couldn’t find this exact one online) but here are some more options we found. Remember, birds will nest in bird houses and feed at bird feeders. 

Copper Bird Feeder
It's on sale today too!
Chapel Birdhouse
Would be such a special gift!
Verdigris Peak Bird Feeder
Simple and timeless!
Hummingbird Feeder
For hummingbird season!
Timeless Bird House
A classic bird house for under $50!
Gazebo Bird Feeder
25% off with code EARTHDAY.
A Bird "Clubhouse!"
How cool is this one?!
Squirrel Proof Feeder!
Keeps off any Squirrels and Pests!
Hand Painted House
MacKenzie-Childs has beautiful bird houses!
Raindrop Birdhouse
This is a great bird house under $40!
House Bird Feeder
25% off with code EARTHDAY.
Carousel Birdhouse
A fabulous gift sure to be enjoyed for years!

Something that might be fun to pair with a bird house – or keep on your coffee table to browse through with your children –  is the Audubon Society Field Guide or a local bird guide to make bird watching even more enriching. And, don’t forget bird food or hummingbird food

One more thought: birdwatching would be a great activity to incorporate in to their sketchbook as children can draw or paint the birds as they visit. Watch this IGTV video about how children can journal this unique time in a sketchbook. 

Are there any simple, unexpected things bringing you joy these days? Do tell so we can share ideas! 

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