3 Afternoon Homework Tips for Back to School!

Back to School Prep with Walmart (Plus 4 Homework Tips!)

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August is almost here which means back to school prep is starting in my house! Today I am sharing some cute back to school items at Walmart plus four tips that have made our afternoon homework routine a breeze! No need to aimlessly browse aisles upon aisles of back to school items – grab your list and get everything at Walmart with free two-day shipping! 

This post is sponsored by Walmart. Thanks for supporting the brands I love!

play dress

Dress | Shoes

Up first- this precious dress! Y’all, it is $8! Similar to the Walmart Fashion dresses in this post, this easy (and cool!) cotton dress is perfect for school when it is still so hot outside or great for after-school play, too. And at such a low price point, I don’t have to worry about stains. I really like Walmart’s Wonder Nation brand for basics for my girls. 

Other favorites: leggings! If you daughter likes to wear leggings to school, Walmart has so many options for about $8 for two! Also love this dress, this simple tee, and this eyelet top are also so cute and again…under $8! 

white tennis shoes

Don’t forget the shorts for underneath dresses and school uniform shirts, shorts, skirts, and jumpers.  Backpacks, too! 

For my boy mom friends, Walmart has lots of cute tees, shorts, and other basics. Lots of athletic apparel, too. 

Also, don’t forget about underwear and socks for your children! I always replenish this time of year. 

homework caddy

Getting all their school clothes and supplies prepped and ready helps ease any back to school nerves my girls may have. Another thing we do: prep a homework caddy.

homework caddy

My first grader will have homework for the first time this year so we just put one together help her feel “ready” and included all these things from Walmart:

I love hearing what has worked well for other moms when it comes to back to school routines. Here are things I have learned over the years: 

4 Homework Tips for Calm Afternoons

#1 Have homework essentials in one organized location and have a homework “spot.” After a snack and a little down time, my daughter will pull out the homework caddy from the laundry room closet and my daughter will sit at the kitchen table and do her homework. While she’s working on homework I can make dinner prep and help her as needed.

#2 Get homework done earlier than later. Otherwise it just seems to drag out and people get cranky (including me!). “Work before play!” is a good motto to keep. My girls definitely need some down time after school, but too much makes it hard to get back into homework mode. So if you have the mindset of “work before play” it’s more motivating for them to finish their homework. Ideally, get homework done before any activities as well. 

#3: Distract younger siblings with something unique that’s just for homework time. Maybe homework time is when they get to play with play doh or perler beads (not for under 3). Or have quiet time for your younger ones and let them listen to a library audiobook CD on an old fashion CD player. (They will think it’s so cool!)

#4 Consider reducing after school commitments, especially during big transitions like having homework for the first time.  Every family has their threshold for activity commitment.  If my children had something scheduled every afternoon I would be miserable and I think they would, too. (And homework would be impossible!) My children thrive in routine and when they have plenty of down time. Figure out what your children need to thrive in school and at home and don’t let culture pressures sway you from your decisions. 

I always love hearing about your tips and mom hacks so let me know in the comments below! 


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