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Baby in Bonnets: A Must “Do”!

Samantha Von Doersten Photography

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have notched that I tend to dress my children in more traditional clothing. So you can probably guess that I am beyond thrilled that bonnets are making a comeback.

My girls have been wearing baby bonnets since they were infants, many of which were lovingly sewn by my grandmother. I love bonnets because they truly protect a child’s face from the elements and, unlike other hats, fidgety children have a hard time taking them off! Most important of all, bonnets perfectly frame the absolute sweetness in every child’s face.

bonnets in rocking chair
Some of my childhood bonnets.

With the crisp weather arriving here in Dallas, I recently bought my youngest daughter a corduroy bonnet made by The Beaufort Bonnet Company. I thought I would share with my readers because it makes for such a precious baby or toddler gift.

The Beaufort Bonnet Company is a wonderfull, Kentucky-based company that has brought back an old Southern bonnet patten in many beautiful fabrics and patterns. (They sell many other children’s gifts and accessories so check them out!).

I love their collection of fall/winter bonnets, particularly the ones that would be so cute with Christmas dresses:

beaufort bonnet collage
Source: The Beaufort Bonnet Company

If you are looking for a sweet baby or toddler gift, or a cute baby Christmas gift, definitely consider giving a bonnet. It will no doubt become a family heirloom. And nothing is more thoughtful than giving something that can be passed down through the generations!

And bonus: bonnets make for adorable pictures, too!

Samantha Von Doersten Photography

Does your child have or have you bought a Beaufort Bonnet for a baby gift? Would love to know in the comments below!

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Happy Giving!




Plantation Pink Corduroy Bonnet ($52): The Beaufort Bonnet Company 

Navy Heart Sweater:

Toddler Dress (custom): Alice Kathleen

Beautiful Photography by:  Samantha Von Doersten Photography (




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