An Update on my FAVORITE vacuum ever!

An Update on MY FAVORITE VACUUM ever – with eBay


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Earlier this year I shared my love for my cordless Dyson vacuum and how it made tidying up our home every evening so much easier. Today I am partnering with eBay to share another way I use this amazing product to my mom advantage as well as the key to keeping your Dyson vac in tip top shape. Bonus: Dyson vacs are up to 50% off right now on eBay!

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Did you know that 88% off all merchandise sold on eBay is “Buy it Now”? You can get a new or refurbished Dyson cordless vacuum on eBay and in no time see why I can’t stop telling my friends about this incredible product. Not only does it make after dinner cleanup a breeze (it is so light my girls can do it!) but it makes keeping my car clean SO MUCH EASIER.

dyson cordless vac

Now my husband has a “no food” rule in his car and says I should do the same. It sounds good in theory but the reality is I am a mom of four that spends much of my time in the car. I need to pacify the baby with Cheerios or give my oldest a snack on the way to volleyball practice. Food in in the car is just a necessary evil.

Thankfully, my Dyson cordless vacuum has several attachments that seamlessly turn it into a handheld vacuum to get all  those crumbs and Cheerios up in seconds. Sure you get can get a Dyson handheld vac but I would just spend a little more and get the 2-in-1 vacuum like mine.

Changing out the long attachment for the shorter ones is a breeze. You just click the button and the attachment pops out and easily clicks back in.

dyson cordless vac

And you better believe my girls definitely take part in cleaning the car. After road trips for sure or when they come to me and say they’re bored. My response: “Great! I’ve got just the thing you can help me do.” I proceed to give them this vacuum and look forward to clean car interior!

dyson cordless vac

Many of y’all have told me you’ve bought a Dyson cordless vac for an older parent that doesn’t want to to deal with a heavy vacuum or your college student or new graduate. This is a great and practical gift for so many people!

User tip! I didn’t know because I never read the instruction manuals (oops!). You are supposed to clean the filter on a regular basis. My local vacuum store recommends once a month. Just take out the purple circular center of the vac and run it under cold water. Dry completely (might take 24 hours) and pop back in to keep your Dyson running smoothly. That’s it!

I love how low maintenance these Dysons are and LOVE that right now you can get up to 50% off of Dyson vacuums on eBay!

Let me know if you have one or plan to get one! Thanks so much to eBay for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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4 thoughts on “An Update on MY FAVORITE VACUUM ever – with eBay

  1. yes! so many people don’t buy because of price but its the BEST MONEY IVE EVER SPENT! EVERRRRR
    zero regrets, people!

    1. It really is WELL worth the money! And on eBay you can get new and refurbished ones for up to 50% off. Can’t beat it!

    1. There are some new ones listed, too! I bought new but I’ve heard good things about the refurbished ones, too.