DoSayGive Discovers All Out Celebrations

DoSayGive Discovers: All Out Celebrations + a Giveaway!


All Out CelebrationsDon’t you just love it when moms come up with something that is so helpful and fun?! Today I’m telling you about the cutest company that is making special occasions simple and fun! Plus, they are giving away a birthday kit to one lucky reader!

We love simple birthday traditions in our family, but nothing over the top. Each child gets their personalized plate displayed, I decorate their room or their dining room, and I know I’ve told you about the birthday bear;).

So when I first heard about All Out Celebrations I thought maybe it was one of those outrageously expensive ways to spoil our children. But it’s not at all! It’s a genius way of making  your child’s birthday (or any special occasion really!) memorable and sweet. Even better, it takes the burden off of us moms to think about the details, but still let’s us enjoy them!

all out celebrations

Last week I used their Birthday Morning Kit for my daughter’s ninth birthday. The kit has streamers, balloons, pom poms a plate, napkin, and fork (for serving sprinkle donuts or pancakes!) and the cutest birthday candle. It also includes an already organized scavenger hunt with the envelopes and surprises ready to go. And nothing makes a child more giddy than an early morning scavenger hunt!

all out celebrationsall out celebrations dallaschildren's birthday morning surpriseSo simple, sweet, and extremely satisfying as a mother. (Note: this was not a staged a photo. My daughter was so eager about her birthday that she was dressed in her uniform hanging out on her bed when I surprised her at 6 am!).

This Birthday Morning Kit ($35) would also be a fantastic gift to send to a grandchild, niece or nephew who lives far away, too! They have both boy and girl boxes.

Below is a photo of what it all includes:

birthday morning kit
This is the boy kit!

Thrifty tip: I actually saved most of the decorations and the candle and will reuse!

Other adorable kits from All Out Celebration include the “Are We There Yet? Roadtrip Survival Kit! (need that in a few weeks!), the Big Brother/Big Sister Kit (so cute to gift to a child who needs a little love after a sibling is born!), Toothfairy Kit (adorable!), and their Adventures with Grandma Kit (cute for children to give their grandmother on Mother’s Day!). Prices are completely reasonable and run from $20-35.


This week DoSayGive is hosting lots of fungiveaways for all you moms out there, just in time for Mother’s Day. Well, All Out Celebrations is giving away a birthday box (choice of boy or girl!) to one DoSayGive reader to make your life just a little bit easier the next time your child’s birthday rolls out! Enter below – the more things you do, the more chances you have to win:

Birthday Morning Kit Giveaway!

Note: the Instax Polaroid camera in the top photo is not included in the kit! My mom gave it to my daughter for her birthday and it was a huge hit! I have a lot more boy and girl gift ideas linked here and Timeless Children’s Gifts linked here.

Thanks so much All Out Celebrations for gifting me the birthday in a box and helping to make my daughter’s birthday so special.







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27 thoughts on “DoSayGive Discovers: All Out Celebrations + a Giveaway!

  1. What an adorable idea! I love simple ways to make birthdays special. I can’t wait to see the other kits!

  2. It is so easy to get stressed trying to over-do a child’s birthday celebration! What a sweet way to make their day special without added stress on mom or dad!

  3. My favorite childhood birthday tradition was that my mother made me a homemade birthday cake and I always had a bunch of friends spend the night.

  4. This is absolutely fabulous! We also set out their personazlized birthday plates and decorate the dining room. Would be so great to order the kit and have it all ready to go! Thanks so much for all of your ideas!!! I actually came onto the blog today to look for a gift idea for a dear friend, and now I’ve gotten 2 new ideas. Thanks! 🙂