All About the Fresh 48: A Q&A with Molly Coulter Photography!

All About the Fresh 48: A Q&A with Molly Coulter Photography!

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Fresh 48

Something I regret not doing with our last baby is a Fresh 48 session, a type of photo session that has become more and more popular over the past few years. It’s different than a typical newborn session and today Molly Coulter Photography is joining us for a Q&A to tell us more and why a session would be a treasured gift to a young family.

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Q: Molly, what is “The Fresh 48” and why are you passionate about this type of session? 

As a mom myself, I can testify that the first few moments, hours, and days after giving birth are some of the most special and intimate moments but are also such a blur. There are very few things in life that are more raw and emotional than bringing a new life into this world. I want you to remember how tiny she was when she was first placed in your arms, his wrinkly wrist surrounded by a hospital bracelet with his name on it, the look on sister’s face when she first meets baby brother, the first few kisses and nuzzles between mom and baby. Fresh 48’s are designed to capture those special moments to enjoy them for forever.

Fresh 48

Fresh 48

Q: Why do you think the “Fresh 48” has grown in popularity over the past few years?

You’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little one for the past nine months and dreaming about their little toes, kissing their cheeks, holding them close, who they will look like and more, so why not document how precious those first moments really are? As I said above, those first few days are such a blur and deserve to be documented. A lot of clients book both a Fresh 48 and a newborn session at the same time for a savings as each session has a different feel.

Fresh 48

Q: Where does a session take place and how long does it take? Are you on call?

Sessions normally last about 45 minute and take place at the hospital. Most clients prefer to do the session in the postpartum room to allow them a few minutes to breath and freshen up. Since you will be tired, it is my goal to be in and out quickly so that you can rest and enjoy your little one.

While I am not “on call,” I take a limited number of sessions a month to make sure I can be at the hospital within 48 hours of the baby being born. Once you are admitted to the hospital and are in active labor, I ask that your husband, mom, or someone else at the hospital call or text me to let me know so I can make arrangements to meet your little one.

Q: How can parents best prepare for a session? 

After a session is booked, I provide my clients with a session guide to make sure our time runs smoothly. This allows my clients to not only relax during the session, but also know what to expect before hand.

Fresh 48

Q: Should older siblings be in attendance?

Yes! One of my favorite parts about Fresh 48 sessions is documenting the first interactions between siblings and their new brother or sister. I love the way they anxiously peek around the corner to see baby for the first time…their big smiles, the way they touch and kiss the baby, hold them for the first time, and get on their tippy toes to get a better look…cue the heart strings!

If this is your first baby, the session allows time for me to get more intimate moments between mom and dad or even allowing grandparents the opportunity to join in.

Fresh 48

Q: How do you make the experience easy and stress-free for a new mom?

I will initially pencil in your due date and take full responsibility to check in with you as you get closer to delivering. This alleviates you of the stress of remembering to contact me with updates after those last few doctors appointments. The session guide I provide you with should answer all your questions and help to give you some tips to feel very relaxed.

Q: If someone wants to give a Fresh 48 Photography Session as a baby gift how does that work?

If you’d like to bless someone with a Fresh 48 session, you can contact me for a custom gift card that can be sent digitally to you or your friend. From there, I will be in touch with the recipient. If they choose not to do a Fresh 48 session, the gift card balance can be applied to another session within the baby’s first year (newborn, milestone, or one year session).

Fresh 48

Q: Do you shoot in the NICU?

NICU babies are handled on a case by case basis. If your baby needs extra medical attention and needs to be admitted to the NICU, I am happy to photograph them there if the hospital approves of it. However, please be aware that most NICU’s have strict policies to protect the health of all the babies getting medical attention. If your little one ends up in the NICU, I typically suggest waiting until they have been discharged. While that means they might be over 48 hours, I will simply have the ability to capture more intimate moments between the two of you without hassling extra tubes and wires.

Fresh 48

Q: What is the best way to document these photos since they are more about telling a story rather than looking for that one perfect portrait? 

A custom album is a perfect companion for a Fresh 48 session. An album allows you to touch and hold these precious images whenever you want and keep them together in one place. They are beautiful to show friends when they bring you dinner as well as a special piece to display at the child’s first birthday party. Ultimately, it becomes one of the most precious gifts you can one day give your baby when they are grown. Albums are available for purchase a la carte after your session.

Thank you, Molly, and thank you to Colleen and David Murray for letting us in on your Fresh 48 Photo Shoot! Your children are beautiful!

You can learn more about Molly and her Dallas area photography business on her website. If you are interested in a Fresh 48 session reach out to Molly Coulter here. I’ve also included it in our New Mom Gift Guide!


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