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Adorable and Unique “Fresh Bib” Baby Gift!



I have discovered an adorable company that has modernized the once predictable baby bib and is making it super fun and easy to give as a baby gift. Even better, I’ve got a great coupon code exclusively for DoSayGive readers!

Parents Brooke and Adam Fish saw so many baby gear products evolving over the past 10 years but baby bibs seemed to alway stay the same. So together they set out to create a modern, stylish, and practical baby bib for today’s family. That’s how their company, Fresh Bib, was born.

While at first glance Fresh Bibs look like they could double for a baby burglar Halloween costume, in fact, these bibs are quite ingenious and here’s why:

-One size fits all!

-No velcro that babies can easily rip off! Instead, they have adjustable snap closures.

-100% cotton (no scratchiness and easy to wash!)

-They come in adorable and fun patterns selected for you by Fresh Bib (you just choose boy, girl, or unisex). Hooray for one less decision to make!

-The bibs are reversible to double the fun!

-You can sign up to have a fresh bib delivered to your doorstep every month (because you know you always need a clean-looking bib to take out to dinner or to birthday parties!)


Giving a Fresh Bib gift is so unique and so practical. You select boy, girl or unisex and the number of months you want the person to receive a bib. Whatever option you choose, each month that mom will receive a beautifully packaged baby bib in a new fabric (and wrapped in a reusable baby food jar – even more genius!). It’s like giving a little surprise every month for that fatigued new mom!

bibs in baby jar
How adorable are these bibs packaged in these baby jars?!

And if you need the first bib to present at a baby shower, no problem. Just select that option when ordering and Fresh Bib will ship it in their cute packaging that says “do not open until baby shower.”

Honestly, I wish Fresh Bibs had been around when my firstborn was a baby. She spit up ALL THE TIME and so I constantly had a bib on her. My mom got so mad at me  – she said the bibs were ugly and depressing for a baby to wear all the time. Not Fresh Bibs! Just looking at them makes anyone smile!

No cheesy cartoon characters here; just a modern, fresh bib!

Fresh Bib knows that people don’t have a lot of time so they made their website so easy to use. You can order a baby gift (or bibs for your own baby!) in less than five minutes. Shipping is always free and in a few days the recipeint will receive an adorable little box in the mailbox like I did:


Inside the box it’s all happiness and fun:


How fun would it be to get a little surprise like this every month?!setofbib

Fresh Bibs fit newborns to toddler sizes. My almost two-year old can wear them. And she wasn’t annoyed by it like she is the other plastic bibs I’ve used in the past!


Update: Fresh Bib has some great new products, ones that you can buy directly in their SHOP without having to do a subscription. Like the pacifier clip and this all natural wooden teething ring (choose the ribbon color!) for $7.00.


Exciting new! Fresh Bib has also generously donated two bibs and a teething ring as part of my AMAZING “Gift” Giveaway to celebrate my blog’s first birthday! All you do to enter is join my email list below (enter your name and email). You get bonus entries for completing the other steps but they are not required for entry!

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Happy Giving!


Photos not mine from Fresh Bib.

I was not compensated for this post. Fresh Bib did send me that adorable bib to try out for myself! 

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6 thoughts on “Adorable and Unique “Fresh Bib” Baby Gift!

  1. So cute! And I can’t speak more highly of the Fish family- quality folks! I had the blessing of teaching their youngest.

    1. Thanks for commenting. My oxylean/blue dawn dish soap concoction works for me just about every time! (You can google it or find on pinterest!)

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