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A Silly Children’s Birthday Tradition (That Also Makes a Great Gift!)



A few years ago a friend told me about this singing birthday bear that she brings out for her children’s birthdays and how much her children adore the tradition.  So I decided to buy one for my house. Funny enough, this dancing bear, with glowing candles on his head, has become the highlight of my children’s birthdays each year.


I only bring the “Birthday Bear” out for my daughters’ birthdays, so he is all the more special and exciting. I set him out with all of the cards and presents the night before and the first thing they do on their birthday morning is run for the bear, turn him on and let him sing and dance to happy birthday. (See my Instagram @dosaygive for a video from this morning!). It’s a silly little thing, but I have found that quirky little traditions like this are often what childhood memories are made of.

It also makes a cute birthday gift for a little boy or girl and is a good price at about $25 on Amazon!

Please comment below and tell me your quirky birthday traditions growing up!

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4 thoughts on “A Silly Children’s Birthday Tradition (That Also Makes a Great Gift!)

  1. This post couldn’t be more timely! My son’s 2nd birthday is this Friday and I just ordered it for Friday delivery. He’s going to love this! I think it’s a wonderful gift to send to others as well. Thanks for sharing!

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