A Glamourous Little Gift: The Bling Brush

A Glamorous Little Gift: Baublerella’s “Bling Brush”



I think I found the most practical, yet still glamorous, little gift ever! It is the Bling Brush from Baublerella and it is changing the way we clean our jewelry.

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Confession: I rarely clean my  jewelry. I have had the same jewelry cleaning kit for about six years (you know, the kind with the little basket and brush). But I never use it because a) it’s super messy and b) I feel like that solution can’t be good for my jewelry or my hands!.

Well, recently my sister told me about Baublerella’s Bling Brush and I am hooked!


The bling brush is made up of all natural ingredients so it’s safe to use on all your precious gems. Plus, you can clean your rings while they are still on your hand and in hardly no time at all.

I recently cleaned all my diamond and precious gem jewelry with the Bling Brush to “test” it out for my readers, including the David Yurman lemon citrine ring I haven’t worn in years because it looked so dingy. (I was obviously too lazy to take it to it to be professionally cleaned!).

Below is are before/after photos of the ring. The photo on the left was taken halfway through my cleaning – you can see the circle in the middle that has been cleaned, with all the dirt and gunk around the edge still left to be cleaned.


Tip: If there is a lot of build up, apply the Bling Brush solution to the jewelry and let it soak in water for a minute or so. Then reapply the Bling Brush and rinse with water and pat dry with a soft towel.

If you are in a hurry, you can just clean your rings right on your hand. Here’s a litte video of me cleaning my engagement ring so you can see how easy it is.

(Excuse the background noise…my children were playing in the next room!).


What I love about the Bling Brush is that I keep it with all my other makeup brushes so I remember to clean my rings more often! It’s especially nice to use before a special event, a wedding, or even just a date night.

At $18, the Bling Brush makes a great gift for so many occasions: an engagement gift, a teacher gift, a thank you gift! Really any girl with “bling” should own one because having polished jewelry is like having polished nails: it just makes you feel better all around!

Baublerella also makes a Glitzy Glove ($12) that is great for polishing gold and silver jewelry (and gold-plated as well). Even works on the vintage jewelry that sometimes gets a little tarnished. I haven’t tried the Glitzy Glove, but my jewelry designer sister swears by it and actually sells in on her website as a recommended product to clean her jewelry.


Find both the Bling Brush and the Glitzy Glove at Nordstrom and on Baublerella’s website. And what ‘s so “gracious” about Baublerella is that a portion of their profits are donated to a Dallas non-profit organizaation called Rae’s Hope that “creates opportunity, nutures hope, and inspires achievement” in girls ages 6-18 in South Dallas. I just love that!

Thank you to Baublerella for letting my test out the Bling Brush!

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Happy Bling Cleaning!









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  1. I just ordered two of these! One for me and one for my sister’s birthday to go with her mani/pedi gift card!

    Thank you for the recommnedation. It is just the little extra that I needed!